Les Infusions De Prada – Vetiver


MonsieurRobotWhen Prada launched their first ever fragrance in 2004 it marked a transformation of the fragrance market, following the paradigm of what Prada had done to world of luggage. The quality of the fragrances that bear the Prada name have always maintained the highest quality, in keeping with Prada’s fashion output but for my own personal tastes the early fragrances were somehow too restrained; too considered.

The Les Infusions range was conceived as a way to combat the gendered divide that unnecessarily plagues the world of fragrances. This resistance to follow these masculine and feminine stereotypes is typical of Miuccia Prada’s forward thinking. Having said that unisex fragrances aren’t an entirely new idea and with one or two exceptions they’ve always seemed trendy at best and gimmicky at worst.

Vetiver as a scent is a particular favourite of mine, and while Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver and Le Labo’s Vetiver offer  distinctly masculine versions, Prada’s is pleasingly asexual. There’s a spiciness from tarragon and ginger cut through with fresh citrus notes of lime and mandarin. Bergamot, neroli and rose add a rich almost sensual quality which really forms the heart of the experience. In summary it’s unlike most of the Vetiver based scents available today and truly worthy of the Prada label. Put it on your Christmas list, you won’t regret it.

Warren Beckett – @RobotMonsieur