Penhaligon’s Blasted Bloom & Blasted Heath


Pushing olfactory boundaries


As I’ve been covering classic fragrances for the last few weeks I thought it was about time I talked about something new, something you might not have smelled before. As you know we’re huge fans here at Robot HQ largely because they make some of the finest fragrances around, but also because they are always pushing olfactory boundaries. They’ve just released two complimentary fragrances inspired by British landscapes. The fragrances are called and and while technically speaking Bloom is for ladies and Heath is for men both scents are versatile enough to be worn by anyone. The key elements in both are the curiously British mix of ingredients – pulled from the flora and fauna indigenous to our shores.

Blasted Heath opens with an aquatic burst that signifies waves hitting the shore. Notes of seaweed, salt and clary sage mellow to reveal heart notes of crisp green leaves and woody aromas of tobacco and whiskey. Base notes of patchouli, cedarwood and vetiver finish the fragrance off, masculine but in a gentle way.

Blasted Bloom opens with wild berries, fresh and crisp. The heart notes of hawthorn, eglantine and pink peppercorns give way to cedarwood musk and moss at the base.

In a way I feel like these fragrances are so intrinsically linked that it’s best to experience them at the same time. In combination they are so much more than they are on their own, like a two piece jigsaw puzzle. There’s romanticism to them alongside a quintessential Britishness, which in a way is a perfect summary of the Penhaligon’s ethos. A worthy addition to anyone’s fragrance library.

 Warren Beckett Р@RobotMonsieur