Bronzers Put To The Test

So you got a bit of a tan at Easter? And you tried to make the glow stay a while but failed miserably and returned to your usual shade of pale grey? ME TOO! But I didn’t let my pallid complexion get to me, instead, I put on my scuba gear and went deep sea diving into my cosmetics drawer. There I found some interesting specimens, some from last Summer and some just a couple weeks old. You know what I’m talking about, right? Bronzers! Otherwise known as “the danger zone“, “the orange menace” or “tricky bastards“. 
Up until very recently, bronzers were my kryptonite, evoking horror scenes or orange streaks straight out of The Only Way Is Essex. So as usual when I have doubts about something, I asked my mother, who has the answers to everything AND has been using Guerlain’s Terracotta for years, without ever looking like a TOWIE extra. The former was my very first foray into the world of bronzers and I liked it but I didn’t love it. Others were sent to me, more were purchased and finally, I think I’ve narrowed it down to four strong contenders: , , and .
A few tricks to apply bronzer:

– Do not EVER apply it to your entire face. That’s what fake tan lotion is for. Or sunshine.
– Apply it in a reverse 3 shape starting on your temples, then down to your cheekbones and your jaw bone.
– Blend it really well around the jaw
– You can use it for contouring, again blending is the key word here, unless you are going for a chimney sweep look.
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