How I Wear – My Everyday Uniform

If I told you I wear the same thing everyday, would you believe me? Surely, someone somewhere will cross me off the international fashion bloggers list for such a terrible crime?

So far, I am getting away with it though. I am putting less and less thought into my outfits these days it seems and you know what? I LOVE it. Dressing to impress is sort of overrated. I impress myself if I can get dressed in under 5 minutes which is what I am doing at the moment. My new take on dressing is that if every single piece in my wardrobe is nice and makes me feel good, then anything I wear will look good. It also helps that I seem to have reverted back to my teenager ways of wearing mostly black. This way I don’t have to think too hard about matching colours and stuff. 

Anyway – I am not going to write an essay about this outfit which is, after all a pretty non-descript one… The reason I wanted to show you this particular combo is because of my sweatshirt, which not only sums up my life but also allows me to sneakily fit this post within my “reinvention” month.
Why? Because said sweatshirt if from awesome Los Angeles label Reformation whose sole mission is to recycle old clothing and fabrics and turn them into highly covetable and current items. Everything is designed, manufactured, shot and shipped from their offices in L.A. and most importantly all their clothes are made in a sustainable way using either “new bad ass sustainable materials, repurposed vintage clothing or rescued deadstock fabric from fashion houses that over-ordered.” In my world, this makes them pretty awesome – and also shows there is a lot to be done in fashion to make everything a little greener without sacrificing style. 
I am wearing: , Reformation Sweatshirt, , H&M boots, with a .

Photos by Emily FFG with the Olympus Pen EPL7 – edited by me.