Four Easy Halloween Costumes

I am a bit of a Halloween obsessive, although I should say “reformed Halloween obsessive” as I haven’t actually celebrated it properly last year. The year before, I took Mini Robot trick or treating in Los Angeles and reached peak Halloween. Next week, I am off to Paris where we don’t really do much to rise to the occasion. Sure you might walk down the street and encounter a half-attempt at a sexy witch disappearing into a pub but it is in no way comparable to what goes on in the States (or even in some places in the UK). 
In case you haven’t found a suitable option for this year’s fête des morts, I have a few tried and tested suggestions for you below…
Audrey Horne
She isn’t the most obvious Halloween choice, but possibly the easiest look to recreate with things you already own. Also: she is the coolest woman in the world.

For my version of  her, I wore saddle shoes, a tartan skirt and a fluffy mohair jumper. Easy peasy.
This takes slightly more dedication to the cause, but if you have a bodysuit and disco pants lying around, you can make it work.

My version is admittedly a bit crap.
Not the sugary sweet Sophia Coppola version, the real beheaded Queen of France .

For my version, I found a slightly frumpy gala dress in a charity shop and made some alterations to the neckline. Then it is all about the right wig and fake blood.
Wednesday Addams
A constant favourite as well, mostly because I own too many black dresses with white collars. I am sure you own one too?
Such an easy costume.
Main image – photo by Jaja Hargreaves