Knomad Mini Power Clutch

You may have noticed I can’t stay in one place for too long. Whether I am travelling for work, pleasure or simply running away from strange situations I am pretty much constantly moving around. It can be a problem as underneath a rather silly façade, I am actually quite set in my ways. I like planning things in advance, knowing where I am going, what I am doing and when I am doing it. Some would tell you it is the influence of my moon in Virgo talking. I have a check list and I need to tick some boxes. But I am a sagittarius through and through so I still run. Sort of like a cat, but not as cool. But where is she going with this Zodiac nonsense? Nope, my thing of the week isn’t a birth chart, it is something much more anchored in reality. 
I was given this new clutch bag from and it’s already been everywhere with me. My new companion is called the  and it does everything: it is a rather handsome clutch bag in shiny black leather, it had a myriad of practical compartments (for all essentials, you can see mine above) and more importantly it comes with a leaf portable charger. And so it takes away that awful empty battery feeling that just adds up to all the other little stresses in life and promptly accumulates into a great big ball of anxiety. None of this for me, as my iPhone softly breathes a sigh of relief, tucked away in my Knomad, holding hands with the Leaf charger, under the watchful eye of my Kindle and earphone splitter (you ALWAYS need one so you can share music with friends). 
Details – , opens flat, comes in 2 sizes (iPad and iPad Mini) and holds many gadgets. 

Retail Price – 8″ Knomad Mini (without power) is £79 / (with power) £119

Details: MCM passport cover, Explorer’s Press badges and pennant, Plaza Athénée USB key, Paperchase highlighters, earphone splitter from Hay.