Letters From The Louniverse – August

Tarot Card Of The Month – The Ten of Pentacles
Let me ask you this: what kind of footprint do you want to leave in this world? It’s an important one because I like to think that we are here to make a difference, to be of service in some way, even if just to one person.
The art of sharing is incredibly important in this modern day. The world will get brighter by every person who is embracing their unique self and speaking their truth. Every time you make a move sparked by a desire to feel and do good you can inspire someone else to strive to be their best and whole self too.
Whether it is in career, relationships or health, when we are being respectful and loving towards our own experience it reflects out to others around us. On the subject of reflection, be wary of being judgmental or jealous of others. Consider that every person is a mirror to your subconscious, so look at why and where you are being unkind to yourself. It can be an uncomfortable task to face up to where ill will really comes from, but recognising it can really lift you up to a more evolved place!
The next few weeks are a time to see where and how you are not aligned with where or who you want to be. You are not here in this world to fight against yourself. This is a time to up your game and make the changes you desire. Following your dreams is not a selfish measure; do not hide in the shadows. We need you!
Alongside your own expansion it’s a perfect time to celebrate everyone and their accomplishments, nothing is too small or unworthy. Go and tell someone you love how cool you think they are.
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