How I Wear – Mum Jeans

At the moment, it appears nothing in my wardrobe belongs to me: I have boyfriend coats, men’s shirts and mum jeans. I guess when it comes to mum jeans, it is a bit of a different story. When, like me,  you actually are a mum, every pair of jeans becomes mum jeans. I see mum jeans as a high-waisted , less slouchy alternative to boyfriend jeans. They need to properly encase your posterior if you want to become the MILF they talk about in all the 80s teen flicks. I use mine as mooching around jeans at the moment as I haven’t quite figured out how to properly dress them up. I also am not sure I want to. I was going to say “here is what I wear on my days off“, but seeing as I don’t really dress any differently on my “days on“, this is basically what I wear on all my days. 

I am wearing: Monki shirt (it used to be a dress and then I cut it), *, , *, * and Zara scarf – shop the look below.
Here I am, lounging around in a very uncomfortable position, hiding my camera remote control in my book. If you haven’t read it yet, I urge you to get yourself a copy of. 
This is my new bag. It is from MCM’s new season collection Flower Boys In Paradise. It holds everything a mum in mum jeans could ever desire to hold, including things I am not even going to tell you about because I would like to retain a shred of dignity.

This is a very close-up of my face as I wanted to tell you about the lipstick I am wearing, since I am slightly obsessed with it at the moment: it is . It is sort of like a 90s lipgloss, except your hair doesn’t get stuck in it and it lasts all day. By the way, I have been watching way too much Dawson’s Creek recently and I would quite like to figure out what lipstick colour Joey wears in season 5. I call it 90s nude (you know that weird beige/brown we all used to wear).
This is me wearing my coat inside. My boyfriend coat. I actually have a husband, so don’t tell him I have a boyfriend please.