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Juli Daoust on Dwell

At the moment, I don't really care so much about my clothes, I would rather focus on my home. I am not sure where the sudden nesting instinct comes from, I am certainly not pregnant again. Perhaps I am subconsciously preparing for the imminent arrival of Spring, perhaps I am trying to make my home / work space as inspiring and peaceful as possible. I am not really sure. What I know is that I am pinning like a mad woman to my "Interiors" board on Pinterest. 

Everywhere I go is an opportunity for décor inspiration these days - lucky I get to stay in pretty fancy hotels all the time, there are invaluable sources of bedroom inspiration. It doesn't really get any better than a luxury hotel bed, so I modelled my choice of bedding on that and after months of trials, I finally reached my own personal nirvana. My bed is definitely my happy place right now. I still have a bit of work to do on some bedroom details but it is pretty much done.

Mini's room is the one that needs the most attention as she is growing faster and faster and I feel that her room is a little too "small" for her now. We are thinking about solutions to update it a little bit at the moment, and to make the most of a rather small space. 

Our living room is in constant evolution as well and I recently shuffled all the furniture around to create two different spaces in a large room - one side is a proper living room and the other is the dining room / office. I wish I had an extra room to work in, but London rent prices don't really allow for such luxuries!

Below are a mix of images I collected on Pinterest and snapshots of my own house. 

Michelle Halford Irene Coen

Main image Juli Daoust apartment via Dwell
Left: Michelle Halford's home via Chic Deco // Right: Irene Coen's Paris flat via Sanctuary

Danish Sofa Gudrun Sjoden

Living Room details: 60s Danish Sofa, IKEA Sheepskin & Gudrun Sjödén pillowcase

House Doctor Design Love Fest

Left: via House Doctor // Right: via Design Love Fest

Cactus Succulents Diptyque Candle

Dining Room details: 60s Danish sideboard, FrenchArt Deco mirrored tray, Diptyque Jamin candle, trinkets from Los Angeles and cacti.

Twelve Chairs Marie Olsson Nylander

Left: via Twelve Chairs // Right: Marie Olsson Nylander's home via KNSTRCT

Pedlars Vintage

Living Room details: Vintage ceramic deer head, vintage sign (via Pedlars)

Stil Inspiration Take Heart

Left: via Stil Inspiration // Right: via Take Heart

Plants Candle

Dining Room details: Le Feu de l'Eau candle & plants on a vintage sideboard.

Shareen Joel Scott Cain

Left: Shareen Joel's flat via Bliss // Right: via Scott Cain

Pee Wee Caitlin Shearer Snowglobes

Living Room details: Vintage bookcase, snowglobe collection, Pee Wee Herman doll, Caitlin Shearer illustrations. - Life and Style through the eyes of a thirty-something Parisian in London


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