Chunky Knitwear

My Autumn uniform, funnily enough is pretty similar to my “rest of the year” uniform. Although in the Summer months, I would replace jeans by denim shorts and ditch the knitwear. I was telling you the other day about how I’ve become a bit of a boring dresser, thinking about what makes me feel good rather than what makes me look cool. I don’t care much about looking or being cool but I care a LOT about being comfortable in my clothes and feeling good about what I am wearing. Which is why I wear a lot of denim. It is easy, it goes with everything, it saves me a lot of headaches. Most days, I wear trainers at the moment, but when I want to dress up, I put on some pretty flats, like my Valentino Rockstuds or Charlotte Olympia Kitty. On the rare occasions I really need to dress up, I will up the ante and stick on a pair of heels. The rest of the outfit generally remains unchanged.

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I am wearing: , , (all from Atterley Road), , Fiona Paxton for Triwa watch – shop the look below