Think Pink With Nars Bright Young Things #NARSBYT

Pink Make Up NARS

I am the kind of girl who always wears the same style of make-up: mascara, blusher and a hint of powder. If I go out, I sometimes add eye liner, sometimes red lipstick. That makes me pretty boring, but I suppose I know my face in a certain way and I am used to it. I am also the girl with drawers full of make-up. I have so many lipstick shades I am a little ashamed to tell you. I’ve recently ventured into new lip shades territories, going from red to orange and sometimes hot pink. Not that I wanted to, really, it’s just that with a bit of a post holiday tan, red didn’t look so good anymore.
So when NARS asked me if I wanted to collaborate with them on this year’s Bright Young Things campaign, I immediately said yes, very eager to try out new beauty styles. I had the choice between several colours and my first reaction was to say “Red!” thinking I could get away with my usual look: just slap on a red lip and call it a day. Then I stopped myself. This is one occasion when I can actually have fun with make-up, embrace my inner five year old, go through my beauty boards on pinterest and finally create something vaguely different. I realise this now sounds as if I had turned into Pat McGrath overnight. Sadly I haven’t. I am no make-up artist, merely a mortal with a limited amount of utensils and an even more limited amount of skills. But I’m willing to try anything. So I picked the colour Pink, which is not really me. A little too girly perhaps.
The look I created is fairly simple – I give you that – and not too far from just slapping a red lip on it and calling it a day, except the lips are pink and it took me longer to apply my lipstick. I started with a really nice base, making sure my skin was all clear and white as possible, then I put on NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage + Yu Satin Lip Pencil, with just a touch of Easy Lover Lip Gloss in the middle of my mouth to add some volume. I then dusted my cheeks with a good helping of Gaiety Blusher. Now for the main attraction: the eyebrows. A few years ago, I met this girl in Los Angeles while I was having coffee and she was wearing a rather cool vintage outfit, had her hair all done and very minimal make-up apart from… her eyebrows that she had cleverly tinted purple. I loved it and I’ve had this in mind for a while, always a little too chicken to try it at home, and also never really knowing how to recreate it. The way I did it for this photo is by using Bouthan Eye Shadow (the darker shade), applied with an eyebrow brush to my brows and then brushing over them with transparent mascara to set it. I really liked the result, I think for a night out it would be quite a statement. I still need to work on applying it in a slightly neater way, but you get the idea!
Read on to find out more about the campaign…
Pink Make Up NARS
NARS is currently hosting an interactive Instagram challenge on their Facebook page to find our brightest makeup talent – I give you a hint: it probably won’t be me.
Every week until September 27th, NARS will post a weekly challenge inspired by one iconic bright shade on their Facebook wall (the competition started last week with the colour Coral). You have one week each time to upload and share your brightest beauty look photo, using the hashtag #NARSBYT and listing which NARS products you used. One winner will be selected each week over the 5 weeks. The final winners will receive a limited edition NARS makeup bag with 5 products. The final winner will win a one to one Artistry Session (one day) with Jane Richardson – including travel expenses and the entire NARS Fall collection. I am jealous!
To enter:
– Upload a photo of your brightest look on Instagram, as inspired by the shade displayed that week (think pink this week!)
– Make sure you include the #NARSBYT hashtag so we can find your photo
– You can enter once per colour if you want.

This is a collaboration post with NARS Cosmetics