Fashion Fatigue and Changes Afoot

After a month spent in the South of France, in the most peaceful, loving and fashion-free environment, I am finding it really hard to get back to reality – well at least to my reality. Spending time with my family, looking after myself and working at times that suited me best made me feel amazing and by the time I got back to London I was seriously ready to take over the world… I spent 24 hours at home before I had to fly out to Stockholm to cover Fashion Week. You know how I feel about Fashion week in general, but I am normally excited about going to Stockholm because it is different there, more relaxed, friendlier and less hectic than it is over here in London or Paris. I was really into the idea of going to the shows, I was excited about seeing my friends there, discovering the new collections and dressing up a little bit. 

Sadly, after a day of waiting around to be pushed and shoved and also after witnessing a fashion editor sniggering when a “plus-size” model walked the runway in front of her, I decided I couldn’t do it anymore. My spirits were pretty much crushed after 24 hours, despite the amazing shows and my brilliant friends there. Suddenly I felt horrible about the way I looked, about my clothes, about my blogger status. I’ve been back in London a few days now and I am finding it difficult to come back from the abyss, to get my energy and my groove back. 

I’ve been slowly veering away from fashion week and the industry as I am very much aware that it isn’t good for me. I love blogging and I love what I built on this site, I am so happy to have wonderful readers, to be able to do what I want every day. I am also aware this was all built on nothing. I created a job for myself out of thin air 7 years ago and I am lucky it is still going strong after all that time… But it is also time for a change. I am now almost 35 and I want something different. I don’t want to feel like I did when I was in high school, I need to move past it. And so I need to make a few changes to this blog, I need to reclaim my space, go back to what made me passionate about blogging and writing in the first place. And that was never fashion. Fashion was a happy accident, a topic that I happened to broach in the right place at the right time. 

I love clothes, I love pretty things, I love dressing up but my life isn’t about that and so from now on, I would like to take you on a slightly different journey, something that may be a little less about fashion and a little more about… all the rest. I will still show you my outfits, share items on my wish list and my fashion favourites, post the occasional beauty tutorials, but I would like to make this space more personal and more open. I also want to show you more of what I actually do for a living, like the stuff I style, take photos of and the occasional bits of music I play when I DJ. I’ve been saying that this blog was “life through the eyes of a Parisian in London“, but I realise I haven’t really been showing you life through my eyes, only a little bit of it and only the bit I care the least about. I think it is time to open up a little more, in the name of change. 

So yeah, September is here, kids are going back to school and I am re-learning to blog. Hopefully for the better.  If there are specific things you would like to see here, do let me know in the comments, email me, tweet me, send me a carrier pigeon, this is a blank slate and I would love to have your input.

Let me know what you like, what you want more of and what you don’t care much for!