Mini Robot – Welcome To Sugar High

It’s been a while since the last Mini Robot post! I suppose now she goes to big school and wears a uniform everyday, kids clothes aren’t so exciting… BUT rejoice, for it is now the Summer holidays – the big, daunting 6 weeks without school (if you are a parent you will know what I mean) – and so fashion is back on the menu. When I say fashion, you ought to take it with a pinch of salt though as I think kids should be kids for as long as they possibly can… However, Mini is now almost 6 and her tastes are evolving. This is her new favourite outfit, so I thought I would share it with you. I would most definitely wear this if it came in my size.

“I like to run around everywhere in this outfit, it makes me feel happy. I am excited when I wear the sandals because I made them myself” Mini Robot, 6

Traduction – Une des tenues préférées de Mini en ce moment
Mini’s outfit: Wildfox Kids Sweatshirt, Zara Kids shorts, Sandals made by Mini at the I CAN make shoes workshop (more on this soon)