Letters From The Louniverse – June

Tarot Card Of The Month – “Nine of Cups”

This card is known as the ‘Wish card’. It’s so magical that it doesn’t really have a negative side to it. How about we throw a lasso of love around June and say that it is the perfect month for cashing in rewards and visualising good things for the rest of the year.

Let’s go deeper, think about that old saying ‘Be careful what you wish for‘ because it is important if we want to take on a practice of wish crafting. I believe that the energy of our thoughts and actions floats into the space around us. It is powerful and contagious, we smile when we see someone laughing and we feel clouded in gloom when someone is projecting out anger and hatred. 

If every single thought that you had was capable of being true would you look deeper into how you speak to yourself and others? Consider the weight of your statements, try and remove the term ‘I am‘ from your dictionary, replace it with ‘I feel‘, then you are no longer labelling yourself when you have a negative thought, instead you have a collection of feelings that you can learn to manage.

Manifestation” is what I call positive daydreaming, it is not obsessively attaching yourself to one idea, it is making a wish list or a mood board and giving it over into the hands of the Universe to work with you. 

One final thought, if you are feeling like the cat who got the cream, share your joy, do not be smug, reach out and help those who need it, never underestimate that you could be the powerful bearer of positive change for someone else.

NOTE – This week I shouted out to the Universe that I desperately needed a massage, the next morning a free treatment offer was emailed to me. Do you ever notice the power in your thoughts? 

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