Happy Place – 54 On Bath, Johannesburg

Today, I am taking you back to South Africa to find out about my little Johannesburg nest: 54 on Bath. The first half of my trip was spent basking in the natural wonders of Cape Town and we then hopped on a short flight to Johannesburg to discover a much grittier urban landscape, visit art galleries and learn about the various regeneration projects around town. It was a lot to take in, much information to digest and a short but intense glimpse into the very different sides of Jo’Burgh life. 
It was really hard to say goodbye to the wonderful Taj Hotel in Cape Town but I was very pleased to call 54 On Bath my home for the final 48 hours of this trip. The hotel is located in the Rosebank area of Jo’Burg, right behind the Mall of Rosebank for a spot shopping and eating. You will need a car to get to the other parts of town but there are a few things to do around the hotel.
The hotel itself is your typical modernised city hotel, with good sized rooms decorated in a sleek palette of grey and black. My room was overlooking the garden and pool area so it was really quiet and a lovely place to sit down and relax after a long day in the bustling metropolis. You see, there is a lot to take in in Jo’Burg, even more so than in Cape Town I thought. While there, I really felt like I was somewhere totally different from everywhere I’ve been so far and so each night I was completely exhausted and quite pleased to pass out in a very comfortable bed.
Breakfast in the room in the morning is a must, as you can sit at a little table by the open window and admire the view – in the distance, I could see many varieties of trees that reminded me that I was most definitely not in Kansas anymore. If unlike me you are sociable in the morning, you can also enjoy breakfast by the pool…
Traduction – L’hôtel 54 on Bath dans le quartier de Rosebank à Johannesburg est la base parfaite pour explorer la ville.

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Getting there: South African Airways offers return flights to Johannesburg from London Heathrow from £500pp. Prices includes tax, surcharges and APD valid for departures until September 2013.

Stay: 54 on Bath. Prices from £200 per night incl. breakfast

Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of South African Tourism