Letter From The Louniverse – March

Two Of Pentacles
Oh boy! The full moon in Virgo this week seems to have left us all feeling a little burnt out, off balance and emotional (Oh Hey,  #FEELINGS).

February was fast moving and maybe it feels like that fire energy nearly got the better of you? We have to learn to channel this chaotic mood into something practical and not have the catch 22 of feeling wildly inspired yet totally useless all at once. So I’m happy to have picked out the Two of Pentacles for March as it reminds us that balance is the key to getting us back to a grounded, productive and present state.

Pentacles and their Earth element encourage us to place our energy in the material world wisely. Make work decisions to suit you, not limit you. Communication planet Mercury is still retrograde until mid-month and combined with the infinity symbols prevalence in this card I feel we are going to have to continue to be accepting of change this month. Remember the future is always fluid and so you must be too.

You may have had the discovery that you want to do everything and be everywhere. Good news, you CAN have it all but it requires perfecting the fine art of juggling. Balance requires thinking holistically, nurturing your mind, body and spirit. If you are taking on a lot of work then you must also schedule in time for self discovery, family and love. Dive into some team work with your soul.

Look out for messages this month giving you clues about what is ahead. The world is wide and stepping outside your boundaries, physical and mental is always positive. I see planes, trains and automobiles ahead!

What have you got on in March and how do you plan to find your balance? Tell me in the comments!