Letters From The Louniverse – February

Tarot Card of the month – “Four of Wands”

In January the Death card brought in ideas of change, whether you were proactive or needed a well-timed kick to get moving. As February arrives we can settle down into ourselves and be inspired without feeling like the Universe  is breathing down our neck!

The Four of Wands waltzes in bringing the opportunistic energy of the Fire element. The number 4 brings order and balance and shows the result of your recent hard work. You have begun to create a structure for yourself that can stand alone. If you don’t feel so stable then remember there is always room for change: possibilities are endless and this month promises more new beginnings and a chance to relax.
The key word is celebration and the mood is to enjoy the present moment. The projection of this card is super exciting: organised events such as weddings, family unions and birthday parties are on the horizon and I feel that there is a unique bonding energy in the air, like a dreamy teenage homecoming!

There are positive and harmonious vibes for partnerships and collaborations with this card, you might be happily humming the wedding march, saying YES to a date invite, moving house or joining forces for a new business or creative project.

Nearer the end of February, Mercury – the planet of communication – goes into retrograde and you may find that nostalgia sweeps in and old friends wander back into your life. Take note as the Four of Wands calls for you to enjoy reflecting on the past but steer clear of stepping back into any outdated dramas.

Be thankful: if you aren’t feeling particularly celebratory right now, remind yourself of things that you are grateful for in your life. Write a gratitude list at the end of each day, this paves the way for a better nights sleep.
Finally, I’m granting you a free pass to have fun this month, go and grab someone’s hand, ok?