Letters From The Louniverse – January

To start the year on a positive note, let me re-introduce you to my Babe Time partner in crime / super babe and astro obsessed BFF Loulou. Each month, she will give you some very special advice with the help of a tarot deck or two.

Tarot card of the month – “Death”
The perfect card to set us off into the year! As you probably guessed, it doesn’t mean the Grim Reaper is about to leap out from under your bed. “Death” is one of my favourite cards. Its primary message is “change“. It’s here to remind us of the cycles that exist within our lives and to tell us to walk away from situations and mindsets that no are no longer positive,  with the knowledge there are better things to come.  “Death” is ruled by Scorpio (the master of change) and the number 13 (regeneration). 

How do you respond to the word change? Sometimes we hide behind our fears and let ourselves spin in circles, worry about “what ifs” or self sabotage by obsessing over the past, all the while blocking us from noticing opportunities just a step ahead.

Understand that you have a choice, you are the one holding the reins. It is your life and you can create your future. The “Death” card shows you that if you step away from fears and grab those reins, the sun will rise again. This is your chance to transform, rebirth, or as Usher put it – and I love this phrase – “Evolve or Evaporate“.
Let me know in the comments if there are any changes you plan on making this month.