28 Feb 2012

Postcard From The Desert

I am in Las Vegas and while I can't say I am a fan of the place, I really enjoyed the drive there from LA. Any vast expanse of land littered with cacti and Joshua trees makes me a happy bunny. The drive wouldn't have been complete without our very first tumbleweed experience which went a little like this:

- Me: "Look a tumbleweed!!! Oh look... It is properly moving now!!! OMG OMG IT IS COMING ON THE ROAD!!!!!"
- Justin: "What are we supposed to do?!?"
- Me: "I don't know - is it hard?"

The answer to this question was promptly obtained when the Hummer in front of us just blasted through said tumbleweed, tearing it to shreds.


27 Feb 2012

Postcard From Los Angeles

I am currently in Los Angeles on a lovely (and well deserved) holiday. So far I am following my plan and I am mainly eating, drinking iced coffee/tea and doing a whole lot of mooching around in Los Feliz. 

Today we are off to Las Vegas for a new adventure!

Brunch Sampler in Abbot Kinney
Venice Canals 
Fire hydrant with googly eyes.
Griffith's Park at sunset
After a long flight, there is nothing quite like sitting down in your favourite courtyard in the Universe.
Palm trees make me happy
House porn by the Venice Canals
Cat friend

26 Feb 2012

MRLA - Saint Etienne / Club Underground / Actually

Saint Etienne is back! Pure pop genius, Sarah, Bob and Pete's new single "Tonight" is out! 

My prediction is that this will be this Spring's anthem for getting ready to go out. It has a lovely catchy hook. 

Club Underground - an L.A. fixture for the past 10 years - never disappoints. Last weekend, the Brit-Pop & 80s club had their "New York Nite" featuring music from only New York bands. I ran into my friend Scott that I hadn't seen for many years and was so happy to see him. He used to play in an L.A. indie-pop band called Majestic. I always used to invite them to play at our parties back in The Aughts. Now he's one of the creators of Yo Gabba Gabba! and I couldn't be happier for him. I love the show! 

Last weekend,  Actually - the self-proclaimed reincarnation of Mae West - and her ensemble of pure electro pop put up a sex show at its best at Cheetah's.


23 Feb 2012

Monsieur Robot - James Long AW 12/13

James Long is always a favourite of mine at LFW, and never more so than for the Autumn Winter collections. He has a penchant for shiny trousers and an innate skill to make knitwear look both luxurious and edgy. 

The distressed, deconstructed knit is a trademark of Long's but this season he seemed to take it further than ever before. There's an early Vivienne Westwood punk aesthetic to these pieces, which is right up my street, but at the same time it's a sophisticated take on that technique. 

The shiny red trousers deserve a special mention, not just because I love shiny things but mostly because there's a Buffy vibe to them. Now that's a style I can really get behind. Yeah I'm a Buffy nerd, what of it? 

The key pieces were gorgeous oversized scarves, shearling collars, quilted leather and belts over coats (seen at Topman Design too). It was all rendered in a beautiful autumnal palette with gold accents and some fine knit twin sets. One of those rare collections that makes you consider running onto the catwalk and mugging the model for it. I didn't mug anyone but I certainly thought about it. Plus Buffy trousers FTW.

22 Feb 2012

What Happens In The Windows...

I seem to be writing a lot about "last week" on this blog at the moment! So much for up to the minute content. Anyway - for those of you who didn't know, I spent last Thursday goofing around in Forever 21 on Oxford Street with three other bloggers (Lily x 2 and Alexxsia). We did a spot of outdoors filming, a bit of silly window dancing and while the other girls mingled in the store, I played some serious tunes. All in all, a really fun day.

This is me and cardboard me - which one is which? Can you tell?
Apparently I like to make a fool of myself when placed in a shop window.
Special film crew - The Johnnys.
Alexxsia also likes to goof around with her cardboard self.
Hard at work, filming in the street. Here we are definitely modelling H to T.
Still hard at work, this time DJing.
They made an extremely realistic statue of me on St Christopher's Place, possibly because of all the hard work I did.
This is the fun window, where magic happens. 
... or you can just call me Laƫtitia.


21 Feb 2012

Dressing For Your Body Shape

Last Wednesday I was invited to the Westfield London for an evening of shopping... with a twist. While I was shopping (alongside lovely new blog friend Girl in the Lens), Isa and Dearne from Westfield were observing and asking subtle questions along the lines of "how to dress for your body shape?".

That afternoon, I tried to figure out what my body shape actually was - my instinct was to say hourglass and an online body shape calculator told me something in between "banana" (never heard that one) and well, hourglass. It is really easy to pinpoint what suits an hourglass figure, it is basically all about cinching it all at the waist and perhaps showing a little cleavage. In other words: it is not quite me. So I had to see things slightly differently and try to identify the key features that make getting dressed a challenge. The conclusion was: I have big boobs and nice legs... that doesn't mean I have to wear short shorts and a low cleavage though. 

I don't really like putting the emphasis on my boobs so I tend to behave like a teen when it comes to cleavage and I wear buttoned up blouses, oversized jumpers, anything to distract from the home grown watermelons. When it comes to my pins though I am definitely more daring. There is no skirt short enough and no jeans skinny enough. I like cropped trousers, I love shorts. I said it here many times, my uniform consists of a silk button up shirt, jumper and skinny jeans. And I like how I look in them. It may not be the ideal outfit for my shape, but it is what makes me feel the best.

When it comes to evening wear, I do tend to fall back on skater dress types in a variety of fabrics and prints, preferably with a collar of sorts. 

Do you have an outfit type that makes you feel amazing? How do you dress to suit your body shape?
I am wearing: shirt c/o French Connection (Westfield), jumper c/o COS (Westfield), shoes c/o Bimba & Lola (Westfield), jeans from Urban Outfitters, coat Elizabeth Lau and kaleidoscope satchel c/o Zatchels.
Indulging in the obligatory spot of fake browsing in Reiss. Note I really want this shirt.
Getting acquainted with the French Connection shirt.
Sometimes I just put my game face on when it rains. 

Thanks Billy & Monsieur Robot for the outfit shots.

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