31 Jan 2012

Stockholm night and day

It is only Tuesday and I feel like I've already spent a month here in Stockholm. I love the city, even when the cold bites my face and my feet are numbed by the snow. It is really beautiful and serene here and I am really enjoying the shows. We went to a very interesting seminar about Swedish Fashion this morning at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and it made me appreciate the shows even more. It essentially explained why Swedish fashion is so simple and clean - it all stems from the social-democrat ideal of a classless society where social differences shouldn't be visible through clothing. In a way, it is quite similar to the Parisian chic and possibly why I am so attracted to it. I am a little too tired to get into this further right now, so I will just stop here and leave you with some of our outfits and images from the evening of Day 1 and Day 2.

This is what I wore to the press dinner at Pontus last night: Vintage Valentino skirt suit, vintage Chanel camera bag c/o Wish Want Wear, KG Boots.
At the Moderna Museet where we saw the Filippa K show.
 Going to the Dagmar party tonight: Warren is wearing - Topman jumper + trousers, Converse, H&M fake fur stole.

I am wearing - asos cardigan, river island tee, monki shirt, MCM bag, UO jeans, French Connection boots.
 The mirror shot, this time as a team!
Before the Cheap Monday show
Yvan at the Cheap Monday show
At the Maria Nilsdotter presentation
Part of the day's outfit: monki jumper, autre ton blouse, dannijo necklace c/o Wish Want Wear and Rag & Bone red cords (not seen)


#MBSFW Day One Highlights

Shows I attended today: Altewai.Saome, Stylein, Whyred, Carin Wester, Filippa K. Monsieur Robot also attended Ubi Sunt and Oscar Jacobson and he will tell you all about it soon! Here is a little visual round up of my favourite looks of the day.



Carin Wester

Filippa K


30 Jan 2012

Settling down in Stockholm

Very early this morning, Monsieur Robot and I flew to Stockholm where we were invited to cover Stockholm Fashion Week. It is my second season there and it is quickly becoming my favourite fashion week. As I am writing this, I am taking a writing break in between shows in my hotel room at Berns. I already have way too many photos from the shows to edit and I am not sure where to start with the actual coverage. The schedule is pretty action packed and we don't have much time to ourselves to sit down and work, so I thought I'd start by giving you a little taste of our home for the week - a good way for you to get an idea of the atmosphere etc. I will try to also share our outfits every day this week (well until Wednesday really as we are leaving on Thursday).

Proper show "reviews" will come in the next few weeks...

My travel/day 1 outfit - topshop coat + jumper, forever 21 jeans, KG boots, UO blouse and MCM bag.
Warren is wearing - Gloverall coat, Topman trousers, McQueen scarf, Vans and Prada bag.
My fashion week accessories pile - since it is so cold here, I mainly rely on accessories to look nice. Vintage Chanel camera bag c/o Wish Want Wear
Invitations are ready to hop in my bag
Obligatory hotel room mirror shot
Djurgarden - view before the Whyred show.
At the Whyred show
Beautiful Tove from Varg PR


A Valentine Card from Me To You

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter already heard about this, but for the others, here is a little catch up session - back in December, I was asked by the peeps at Beyond Retro to design a Valentine's Card that will be sold in the stores for £3, with £1 given to the British Heart Foundation. Quite obviously I couldn't say no to this: I get to help a great organisation AND design a fun Valentine's Card.

Now I am not that into Valentine's Day, but I like the creepiness of the anonymous card so if I partake, I like to do it in pure stalker form, hence the weird rabbit urging you to "be mine".

I wasn't alone in this designing frenzy: Shini, Melanie & Bip also made some pretty snazzy cards.


29 Jan 2012

The Nina Diary - Finding names

Hi Darlings,

We are almost done with sampling the Fall/Winter12 collection! I have been pondering collection names and names for styles. Every season I give all of our styles their own special name; I try to see the personality of a piece and what movie, song or person it reminds me of or who it was inspired by. I have to be relaxed and inspired to name 25 babies in a row, so this time I did the naming from bed. As always, things are super last minute and seem to get more last minute every season. I like the whole surprise aspect of creating a new collection, the unveiling of the name, the clothes etc. One of my favorite things is coming up: the look book shoot! I have some of our locations down and now, in order to find the right girl to model the collection Cupid has to strike. We are shooting this lookbook in Switzerland this time, as I am still here. I am excited to share some backstage shots of the shoot with you next time! So this is when the collection really comes to life! Every time I shoot a look book and see the clothes on the model, I finally get what the collection is about and it's a very special moment. It's nonstop right now and it won't stop until May, so I am trying to pace myself by sleeping enough and eating well. Boring but that works!

Beautiful Dani who I shot the last two look books with in NY. A real muse.

 Location scouting
Fun box! Illustrating for the look book as well as commissioned work.
Yes there is a Zoolander vest!
For look book inspiration - like makeup etc - I like to go through my vintage books. Love Barbara with her Oscar in 1969!

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MRLA - Cry Baby / Generic Surplus / Blouse

I just bought the Cry Baby soundtrack for the third time since the movie came out in 1990. The first time was on cassette tape and the second one on a cd that I lost. It is one of my all time favorites. A cult movie that will live on forever. The soundtrack includes classic rock & roll, soul and bebop as well as orginal songs created for the film.  The songs are not actually performed by protagonists Johnny Depp and Amy Locane, but by rockabilly legend James Intveld and Rachel Sweet. A must have!

Generic Surplus is a Los Angeles based brand offering timeless silhouettes, clean and refined lines. Their designs incorporate elements of street wear while keeping a classic style. Here are my favourites.

Last weekend I finally got to see Blouse perform. I wrote a little about them a few months back and I've been curious to see them live since. As I expected,  they were as lovely as their music. Afterwards, the dance party continued with my fellow dj friend Michael Stock opening the floor with the usual post-punk, minimal and dark synth wave Part Time Punks is best known for.

Tuesday night, Generic Surplus and Steven Harrington threw the Sun Dunes party for the release of the new Harrington desert boot and new fanzine Generic Manifesto at El Chavo Restaurant in Silverlake where I ran into a few familiar faces. Here are some highlights.

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