Happy Place – Mandarin Oriental, Paris

In November, I was lucky enough to spend a night at the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, right in the middle of the Golden Triangle, on the Rue St Honoré. I was already familiar with the hotel as I sometimes go for cocktails there when I am in Paris, but I had never stayed over and was curious about this exotic oasis in the middle of my hometown. 
The first thing that struck me as I got to my room was how quiet it was. I was on the 5th floor, with a great view on the scintillating Christmas lights in the courtyard and all I could hear were birds singing. I must admit I spent a good 10mn looking for a sound machine in my room – I just couldn’t believe I was able to hear birds tweeting in Paris. My room was large enough to fit my apartment and so I quickly decided I wanted to make the Mandarin a permanent fixture in my life. 
I was given a tour of the hotel and got to see a few of the suites and some rooms with a view on the Rue St Honoré and I can confirm the whole hotel is quiet, no matter what floor you are on. A quick trip downstairs to the spa to admire the pool and we were back to the ground floor to see the Sur Mesure, where renowned chef Thierry Marx concocts his avant-garde gourmet meals.
Because of its location, the hotel is very much embroiled in the Parisian fashion scene and the fashion imagery is everywhere, from the hotel fan embroidered by Lesage to the little details in the decor (as imagined by Sybille de Margerie) including the restaurants surroundings. 
If you ever find yourself in Paris for a shopping trip and want to come home to luxurious and relaxing surroundings, I highly recommend the Mandarin Oriental.
Traduction – Le Mandarin Oriental à Paris est situé en plein dans le triangle d’or et est le lieu parfait pour un weekend shopping et relaxation dans la capitale.

Mademoiselle Robot was a guest of the Mandarin Oriental