Cut Up Your Tights! A collective DIY.

I am ashamed to admit I’ve tried customising tights at home before without much success. Be it embroidering, dyeing or cutting, the tights would invariably ladder and/or be destroyed. So when got in touch to let me know about the LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre and asked to try it at home and take some snaps, I just couldn’t say no. Basically these are tights that won’t run or ladder which means you can go totally wild customising them. There is some very complicated science behind all this, so I will sum it up for you like this: it is based on bi-component technology which means that the outer layer of the fibres fuse together during the tights thermofixation process so when holes are made, the knitting structure stays intact. 

Before you try this at home here are a few tips:

– make sure you only do this on tights with LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre
– use the sharpest scissors you own
– don’t cut holes too close together
– remember the fabric stretches when you put the tights on (if you try more intricate shapes especially)

Below you can see how mine turned out – I can be quite clumsy so for the sake of this post, I tried to keep the customisation to a minimum and so I cut different types of holes and mainly played on the superposition of the tights.
1 – Pick your tights: I chose a navy pair of LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre tights and a pair of silver Jonathan Aston tights, both from

2 – Plan out where you will cut the holes.
3 – Cut holes in the legs where you want them. You can also do this while wearing the tights, although make sure you don’t cut yourself. Keep in mind hosiery is delicate, even if these tights are extra strong.

4 – Put on the tights, being careful not to get stuck in the holes so you don’t make them bigger. Put on your dancing shoes and you are ready!

I am wearing: LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre tights from, Jonathan Aston tights, DSquared2 sandals, By Malene Birger jumper

If you fancy trying your hand at cutting up your own LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre tights make sure you submit your photos to MyTights on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #cuttingedge. Alternatively you can send me your photos and I will pass them on! The prizes are a LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre box of tights as well as a £100 gift card to spend on
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