Monsieur Robot – The Stud

I was going to start this post by pretending that this was a post about Jackie Collins novel “The Stud“, you know the book that was turned into a film starring Joan Collins? But then I read the synopsis on wikipedia. Sadly I also google imaged it. If you want to see Joan Collins, topless, on a sex swing, at an orgy, in her ‘classic’ role as nymphomaniac wife of a millionaire businessman then you know what to do. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again. So yeah, this post is NOT about that. You may not know that as a kid I was deeply into Heavy Metal, it was the 80’s you see. In fact the first album I bought was Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden m/. So when I tell you I’m no stranger to studded clothes and accessories you’ll understand that I’ve been doing this particular trend for longer than most people. While I was once spending £5 for a studded cuff in a goth record shop now I’m looking at paying thousands for studded Burberry clutches and Gucci shoes. Squint and it’s still the same old me, decked out in studs, it just costs more nowadays. You can’t move for studs at the minute from high end designers to high street shops studs are everywhere – be careful though it’s a fine line between chic and tacky where studs are involved. Here are some of my favourite studded accessories. 

So many studs, so little time.

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