Monsieur Robot – Oh Hell!

So I’ve been trying to think of a theme or a trend or something I could use to kind of pull this particular blog post together but you know what? I have nothing, so I’m gonna come clean with you. A couple of things happened which have led me to this post, here’s a run down…

1. I found this amazing website called Oh Hell Clothing that makes t-shirts and sweatshirts so perfect for me that it’s not even funny. In fact their tumblr is basically what it looks like inside my head. Check it out it’s fantastic. Or terrifying, depends on your politics I guess. Either way I’m a huge fan.
2. I became utterly obsessed with finding myself a black leather biker jacket. The perfect black leather biker jacket, no less. Having exhausted every vintage store in London guess where I found one? – Topman. Obviously. Why didn’t I just look there in the first place? Get used to seeing me in this jacket because I’m wearing it right now and I’m not taking it off until the sun is back in the sky again.
3. I wanted to do something totally different from my last photo shoot. I like dressing up, and playing around with clothes – that’s the point of fashion. So here we are, my new favourite t-shirts, the perfect biker jacket, and whole heap of nail varnish 🙂 
Traduction – Monsieur Robot partage ses derniers coups de coeurs vestimentaires…
I am wearing: Cat tee and Rad tee from Oh Hell Clothing, Biker Jacket – TopmanEarring – Urban Outfitters (shop the look below)


Follow me @RobotMonsieur – All photos by Damian Owen-Board