The Heisenberg Hat

For those of you who watch Breaking Bad as religiously as I do, you will have identified this hat as an Heisenberg hat very quickly. Hopefully, you also have been referring to me as “L-Dawg” and starting all your sentences with “Yo, that’s Five Large”. I do, perhaps to the point where it verges on the embarrassing drunk mum at a wedding territory, but I am past caring. I have my Heisenberg hat on.
Enough nonsense. I teamed up with Fashiolista and Supertrash for this post, which means you get a chance to win the bag from this outfit – you can enter here! Oh by the way, I am on Fashiolista, you can find me here.
Traduction – Ceux d’entre vous qui regardent la série Breaking Bad auront tout de suite identifié mon couvre chef, quasi identique à celui d’Heisenberg. Je collabore avec Fashiolista et Supertrash pour ce post et vous pouvez gagner le sac que je porte sur ces photos en allant sur Fashiolista.
I am wearing: Dress, Kimono, Bag and Hat c/o Supertrash, Acne boots, Jessica De Lotz ring.