Exclusive Preview – ASOS Revive AW12

About a week ago, I zoomed through town to the building with the giant cats on – namely ASOS HQ – to get an exclusive preview of the ASOS Revive collection that’s set to arrive on the site on October 1st. 
When I arrived in the showroom, I was greeted by one of the junior designers from the Revive team who told me excitedly that the collection was inspired by Superheroes. You guessed it, I was sold. Sequins, padded leather and tee-shirts, mesh – imagine sports chic pushed to the extreme. Not too much spandex in primary colours, thank god, although I did spot a leotard (has anyone else noticed there are actually LOTS of leotards out there?). 
Despite my multiple superheroes fantasies, my favourite pieces were more Bruce Wayne than Batman and I was particularly taken with the most “civilian” pieces from the collection: the knitted dress/jumper and the oversized leather jacket. The first one wouldn’t be out of place in a Dagmar collection.
Traduction – La nouvelle collection Revive chez ASOS est inspirée par les Superhéros. Voici des images en exclusivité avant sa sortie le 1er Octobre.