NIKEiD x Monsieur Robot

Mademoiselle Robot is always being asked to design shoes. She doesn’t know this (well she does now) but I’ve been moaning to anyone with a pair of ears that no one ever lets ME design a pair of shoes. Guess what? MOANING PAYS OFF! 

I’ve been wearing Nike shoes since I was old enough to walk – for the simple reason that there is no-one who makes better trainers than Nike. Vintage styles are my favourite, but from Dunks to Air Max I’ve had pretty much every style there is at one time or another. Nike’s are having a bit of a resurgence at the moment, from the limited edition Liberty print styles to reissues of classic trainers from the 80’s and 90’s, something that makes me a very happy boy. Front row at fashion week looks more and more like a Nike advert with every passing season, so when Nike asked me to try out their NIKEiD service I jumped at the chance. 

The ‘design your own‘ service from Nike isn’t new, in fact it’s been around for ages but I’d never actually used it before. When it first started I spent HOURS designing endless pairs of shoes – but with so many options in colours, styles and fabrics I could never quite commit. What you might not know is that they add new styles all the time – at the minute you can actually create your own Jordans. I know right? Plus they have new fabrics and colours too so if you haven’t tried designing your own I suggest you do so now – it’s so. much. fun. Another thing you might not now is that NIKEiD have a store in Boxpark, the pop-up mall in Shoreditch, which allows you to see the fabrics and colours in real life. Pop in and you’ll get an expert trainer nerd who’ll help you design the perfect shoe. 

I went with the Nike Air Max 1 – only because it’s the first pair I actually saved up for and bought with my own money, and they look as good today as they did then. So without further ado, I give you the Nike Robot…

Traduction – J’ai enfin pu créer ma propre paire de chaussures grâce à NikeiD! Je commençais à me sentir un peu laissé pour compte, vu que Mademoiselle Robot a eu le droit d’inventer plusieurs paires de chaussures!!! Pour un fou de Nike comme moi, c’était un rêve.

You’ve always wanted to know what Godzilla would look like in a pair of Nike’s, haven’t you?