Monsieur Robot – D. Hedral

Have you been gripped by Olympic fever? I have, despite a profound disinterest in anything approaching sport. In fact I can’t stop waving the union jack around and cheering for Team GB. Watching it has certainly been more fun than I imagined, and I’m not just talking about Greco Roman Wrestling and Men’s Swimming. Nah, I’m kidding that’s exactly what I’m talking about. If looking at Tom Daley’s butt was an Olympic sport I’d have a gold medal by now. The downside is that these men are making pretty much everyone look like anything between a couch potato and Jabba the Hutt. If you haven’t got the time to train day and night for a body like that then I have something you might be interested in. D. Hedral have spent the last three years designing men’s underwear that will make your butt look just like Tom’s. Obviously I don’t need them, but I though YOU might *cough*. D. Hedral underwear is actually a pretty serious feat of engineering. ‘Angle Fit’ is the name given to their unique blend of tailoring and architecture that when combined will do for your ass what wonderbras do for boobs. Hello Boys? More like Hello Butts. Slim, Average and Full are the three main butt types that Angle Fit covers, but no matter what shape your derrière is in D. Hedral can make it look better. Now, lets look at Bruce Weber’s favourite model, Arron O’Connell modelling his D. Hedral’s. 

Traduction – D. Hedral fabrique du shapewear pour nous, les hommes. Bien sur je n’en ai pas besoin, mais pour vous peut être?

 I rest my case. Gold medals all round!

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