Monsieur Robot – A Gentleman’s Day Out

Monsieur Robot takes you on a Gentleman’s Day Out

I was invited to take part in “A Gentleman’s Day Out” recently and it was one of the better requests I’ve had this year to be honest. “What happens on a Gentleman’s Day Out, Monsieur Robot?” I hear you ask. Well that’s a good question. 

First we started off in The Delaunay for breakfast which was thankfully so delicious I forgot about the unholy hour I had to get up on a Saturday morning to get there. If you’re interested I had blueberry pancakes. Whole jug of syrup to myself? Don’t mind if I do.

Next up we ventured to Prufrock Coffee where UK Barista Champion James Bailey gave us an intensely academic coffee tasting lesson, one that made me feel like an uncultured fool for ever having drunk instant coffee. It was a complete experience though. Lucky for me I love coffee and really, there’s nothing like 41 cups of coffee to get you going in the morning.  The upshot of all this is I now know I need a £6000 Speedster espresso machine at home asap. Thankfully it’s my birthday in a few weeks *cough*.
While still high on coffee we dashed across town for some man pampering courtesy of Murdock barbers. We had time for a quick cocktail first which was definitely required considering the coffee buzz we were feeling. I went for a hibiscus cocktail mostly because there once was a time I wanted to change my name to ‘Hibiscus‘ but decided against it after every single person I told about it laughed in my face. It came with flowers floating on top which was delicious if not a little emasculating. Perhaps they were right about the name.
The trip to Murdock was a stroke of luck for me as I was at that particular stage of beard growth where I begin to resemble a wolf man, stumbling around in the daylight, desperately craving human flesh. Being told you can have whatever you want in a barbershop got me a little overexcited, but I resisted the urge to ask for a fierce weave and opted instead for a simple trim, hair and beard. 

All photos taken with a Nokia Lumia 900
Feeling refreshed we headed to Kettners for lunch and also set about making our own colognes from scratch. You’ll be happy to know the debut Monsieur Robot cologne smells pretty good. I was pretty much exhausted after all this so I had to retire for the day. Yeah, yeah I know “my diamond shoes are too tight” but honestly gentlemen work hard. They have bloody good fun though.
Traduction – Samedi dernier, j’étais invité par Nokia a un “Gentleman’s Day Out”. Nous avons passé la journée à déguster du café et des cocktails, manger des pancakes et nous faire pomponner chez un barbier. La vie est dure parfois.
Thanks Nokia Lumia & Windows Phone for this fun day!