Surplus Chic (or my dream Ksubi Jacket)

The weather currently being what it is (really gross), I find myself looking at outerwear options that sit somewhere in between my leopard print furry winter coat and the ubiquitous denim or biker jacket. That leaves me with trench coats (which I totally dig, but I want to wait till I can afford the real deal from Burberry – this one would be amazing but I’d settle for this one) and well… army inspired jackets. Surplus chic if you will. Like with everything I currently wear, this is a look I was quite fond of in my early twenties, and I could often be found sporting a parka or an army jacket while riding my Vespa through the mean streets of Paris. 
While browsing for jackets, I came across a Ksubi anorak which must have been created by Care Bears riding unicorns on a rainbow because it is just perfect – exactly what I need/want/pine after. The little issue is that it is currently a pretty hefty £400 and so I will need to think about it for a while… and it will obviously sell out while I agonise over whether to splurge or not. So in the meantime, I had a nose around for other options and I came up with the below.
Traduction – Vu le temps abominable qu’il fait en ce moment, je suis à la recherche d’une veste qui se situe quelque part entre mon manteau en fausse fourrure et une veste en cuir ou en jean. Du coup, j’ai le choix entre le trench (mais je voudrais m’offrir un beau trench Burberry un jour, donc j’attend) et la veste militaire (retour à mes amours de jeunesse)

Je suis tombée à la renverse en voyant cette veste Ksubi absolument parfaite, mais à £400, il va falloir que j’y réfléchisse un moment. Voici ci-dessous quelques options.