Kurt Geiger AW12

I love a pun as much as the next person – if not more actually – but I think Kurt Geiger needs to chill out with the puns a bit. The new collection for Autumn 2012 is cleverly called “Pretty In Punk” (geddit?) and really does have a little something for everyone, or a little something for all the bipolar shoe lovers like me. Let me explain my severe shoe illness: I cannot decide if I like super girly-giggle-glitter-bows-scallops heels or manly stompers. So I spend my life between the two, losing my mind in the process. The United States of Laëtitia if you will.
One thing before I go, dear Kurt, I love you but we didn’t need a name for a high heeled slipper inspired shoe. Don’t let the “slipetto” become a thing, we are already trying to get rid of “jeggings”, “skorts” and other language malfunctions.
Traduction – La collection automne 2012 de Kurt Geiger va ravir à peu près tout le monde, des filles super filles aux garçons manqués en passant par les schizophrènes de la chaussure comme moi.