Just The Collar, Not The Shirt?

Howdy dudettes! Today I am going to tell you a tale of greed, willpower and pretty pastel 
clothes. Right now I am in Paris, I arrived yesterday as I had a long afternoon meeting here.

 After my meeting, I found myself Rue Saint Honoré with some time to kill and I was faced with two options: the first one was to walk ten steps to the Chanel mothership and stroke the 2.55 while weeping and thinking how much I love it and how much I love going on holidays and trying to figure out which one I love the most. The second option was to walk 5 steps to Zara and mooch around in there. I rarely go into a Zara, I am not sure why because when I do go there are always a few bits I like. Anyway, in the middle of Spanish retail heaven, I stumbled upon what is essentially a big old Louis Vuitton SS12 “homage”. Yeah, read between the lines. I don’t want to encourage this, but I am pretty sure most of you can’t afford the real thing and also possibly left behind litres and litres of dribble after discovering the LVSS12 collection. So did I, my friends, so did I.

To cut a long story short – and also to allow me to leave my house and enjoy my last few hours in my home town – here are a few bits that are in store currently that I or you should definitely get my or your paws on. I came out of the store triumphantly holding the collar below and when I described it to my mum as we were having some cocktails, she asked, bewildered “just the collar, not the shirt?“.