Hi lovelies, I am back!
I love this season of lights, elves and angels even if it’s always a super hectic time for Toujours Toi and Family Affairs!
A day after getting back from India, the holiday market marathon started which was both a lot of fun and a tiny bit exhausting.
I had my yearly holiday sale party at my friends Karolina and Marina’s awesome art gallery “Karma International”. We had Prosecco & cookies, and jewelry and clothes within art installations.
For three days I had a booth at “Heiliger Bimbam” market which takes place in an old cinema and it was extra fun because my sister Julie was also there, selling her beautiful silk scarves. Lots of friends stopped by to say hi. There were also lots of trips to the post office to send out urgent last minute holiday orders.
In another world I would be decorating my lush tree with antique glass ornaments and hearts made of solid gold while listening to the “She & Him” holiday album my bestie Carmela sent me from Tokyo, but this is how I do it now: after coming home from my last Christmas market of the season I deliriously wrap gifts for my family until 3am in my studio that looks like Santa’s workshop gone mad. 
As well as the holiday exhilaration there is also Spring 12 production for Family Affairs and sampling for both Toujours Toi and Family Affairs going on and I am always operating on three different time zones at once.

The Toujours Toi & Family Affairs sale at Karma International Gallery

Two of my favorite customers at the “Heiliger Bimbam” market trying to decide which Toujours Toi piece they would get…
We got to spend 24 hours in the Swiss mountains for Christmas with my dad! Riding the train up there was wonderful. I  was actually still making a necklace on the train to send out from the post office in the mountains… And yes I believe in wearing Christmas sweaters.
Right after our christmas marathon my friend Andrea of Kimandra Vintage celebrated her birthday in a beautiful boat house with a fire place and nice big wooden tables right by the lake!
Here’s Pascal Grob and his lovely girlfriend.

Andrea with a friend and the best chocolate cake I ever tasted!!
Sending you lots of love and speak to you in 2012…
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