31 Oct 2011

MRNY - Tights Season Hath Begun

There’s a nasty cold sweeping the nation; last week MRLA succumbed, this week it’s me, in New York, and of course at the worst possible time – Halloween time! Most probably my most favorite holiday. And guess what else? It snowed! Not a little drizzle, no, but full on. That’s two obstacles standing between me and my beloved Halloween. (Well, the celebrations thereof, which happen on the weekend, and besides I have other plans on Halloween day – I’m going to see a live taping of the Conan show! ♥ ♥ ♥).

I’ve already gone on about my love for Tim Burton, so I’ll spare you the gushing over The Nightmare Before Christmas being my Halloween and Christmas classic, and how I used to have a crush on Jack Skellington and wanted to look like Sally, even though she was a stitched together doll whose arm kept falling off. Instead, I will gush about warm, sweatery things, in an attempt to channel feelings of warmth, and also to plan my winter wardrobe because apparently winter decided to come two months early this year. Though sweatery and Halloweeny need not be mutually exclusive, as you can see from these snuggly, sweatery, animally robe things from Urban Outfitters...


29 Oct 2011

MRLA - Silver Shamrock Theme / Howl / All Saints & Not For Sale

It's inevitable at that this time of year for me:  always and forever I will have the same song stuck in my mind. As a child, I remember watching the movie "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch" over and over. 

Although the movie was criticised in its time for not really including its main character Michael Myers and had nothing to do with him, it still was fascinating for me to watch the kids put on their Jack-O-Lantern masks and costumes and stare at the Silver Shamrock TV commercial. 


28 Oct 2011

Monsieur Robot - Who's Afraid of Daniel Palillo?

I don't suppose there would be any point in me telling you how much I love dressing up, as that's probably somewhat obvious by now. Throw in my crippling addiction to horror movies, fake blood, satanism, real blood and naughty teenage babysitters who are totally going to get themselves killed by an axe murderer and the party is just getting started. Halloween is the best excuse to dress up that you get all year so don't waste it on cheap supermarket costumes and joke shop masks. There's no reason why you should have to abandon all sense of fashion, even if you're going to a fancy dress party... Which brings me to Daniel Palillo. Like the lovechild of Jeremy Scott and Anton LaVey, Palillo's SS 12 collection is pure Halloween madness.


27 Oct 2011

Win A Pair Of Swedish Hasbeens!

When one of your favourite brands asks you to promote their competition, you just say yes. And that's what I did. Regardless of the fact this post almost cost me my sanity. As you know I am technologically challenged at the moment due to moving house. As it turns out, I am also without a Monsieur during the day (my husband AND monsieur robot being busy bees)... So photographing this unisex malarky proved quite a challenge.

But... Mini Robot came to the rescue and kindly accepted to model the red Chelsea boots in a size 11. Intense. But anyway, enough about me, let's talk about this competition: if you go over to the Brave New World micro-site within the Hasbeens site, you will be able to read the rules of the contest. 

Basically, submit your most creative photo inspired by the unisex collection and you may be in to win a brand new pair of unisex Swedish Hasbeens for you AND another one for your photo partner. The photo with the most vote wins - simple, right?

Now get snapping!!!

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That 70s Show

Gosh I am really spoiling you with the photo quality at the moment, aren't I? Please bear with me while I move my home (and office) to a new location. At the moment, my outfit snapping options are limited as my flat is slowly being taken over by cardboard boxes, checked bags and various pieces of furniture turned upside down. My trusty Olympus has been swallowed up by one of said boxes and I am reduced to iPhone photos. How the mighty have fallen.

The upside is that very soon there will be an influx of interiors posts on the blog and that fills me with joy. I hope you can handle a hundred photos of the new flat once it is decorated. For the few of you who asked, I am staying in London - sadly no big move to Los Angeles this time, but a girl can dream.

Today's outfit is actually Saturday's outfit so really it is pretty old news, but I suppose this is all you can expect from me right now. I fell in a time machine apparently and turned into my mum or my grandma in the 70s, complete with culottes, pussy bow blouse and a wide brimmed hat, all in various shades of brown and maroon. Win, I say.


I am wearing - Culottes & Blouse c/o Ted Baker (that was my outfit for the Rutting Season event), Marni boots, Zara cape, Topshop hat, bag c/o MCM and vintage sunglasses.

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25 Oct 2011

Win A Laptop With Mademoiselle Robot & ASUS

Oh hello! It's me again... This time, I come bearing news you will LOVE. I partnered up with Companion Parfait to offer you the chance to win a Asus K53SJ-SX251V notebook (in Pink!). This is possibly one of the best prizes I've had up in a giveaway and it is here next to me waiting for one of you to win it.

To enter, it couldn't be easier - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

- Leave a comment below telling me what project you will work on if you win the laptop.
- To validate your entry, "Like" my page on Facebook and make sure to say hello on the wall so I know you've liked it. 
- For those of you who already "Like" me on Facebook, please share the page with as many of your friends as possible (they can enter too!).

For extra entries:

- Follow me on Twitter and @ me with the hashtag #iwantalaptop

The contest is open to everyone in the world. You have until November 1st to enter! And I will be sending out the prize to the winner on November 3rd!

Since this is fairly heavy, the winner will have to be ok to either pick up the prize from me or pay for the postage. 

Good luck!

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A Forest...

I spent Saturday shooting deers and does in a paper forest on Regent St... I realise that sounds strange. Really, I did though! I was asked by Ted Baker (himself, yep, hi Ted) to snap people in the Regent Street store for their Instagram account. The winners have been announced today and you can go on their Facebook page to have a look.

It was a really fun day and everyone enjoyed getting dressed up and striking a pose for the (phone) camera. 

In the meantime, I leave you with some photos by Instagram legend Mike Kus who was in charge of documenting "behind the scenes".

Thank you for everyone who came, said hi and participated!

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24 Oct 2011

MRNY - Brooklyn Vintage Crawl / Wild Yaks / How To Dress Well

Last Sunday, a couple of kindred vintage clothing lovers pulled together a Brooklyn Vintage Crawl which I hope will be the first of many. Fresh off my red-eye from Seattle, I was a bit groggy and joined the doings late in the day, but I got to see some great shops, some of which I’ve been to, some that I’ve always planned on going to never managed to get around to going, some of which were not previously on my shopping radar, and all of which had so many treasures! Most of the shops on the crawl had a discount for crawlers, were serving wine or beer, and a couple of them even had in-store music performances (which I missed, sad face, but I got my live music fix later in the week as you’ll see).

There were about 20 stores on the crawl (plus bars in between and an after party to boot) and I made it to seven of them in the space of about two hours – I am a vintage crawling machine. Alas I had to mostly skip the vintage houseware stores (my other weakness, after vintage dresses) because of limited time, but I have an ambitious plan to hit every store on the crawl next go-around.

First stop was Sunday Love. I knew it was going to be a good day when I walked in and Stevie B.'s "Dreamin' of Love" was playing. Sunday Love specializes in crafty housewares and furniture, but also have vintage clothes and fun jewels. They opened up shop a few years ago, soon after I moved to the nabe, and I'm glad to see they're still going strong.

Next I hit Neal Mello's Grand Street Bakery, which is in a space formerly occupied by, you guessed it, a bakery, just a few blocks from Sunday Love. They kept the name and the sign intact, and they even use some of the bakery tools inside to display their wares. New Yorkers sure love confusing the tourists with their misleading shop/bar names and/or non-existent entrance signs!

Buttons and bows and crushed velvet! I was really wishing for a room-mate as I twisted myself into a pretzel to button this up. I'm also wearing my new favorite boots, from the Bed|Stü Cobbler line.

I went off the lovingly curated track to make sure I made it to the next few shops before they closed. I picked up a little treasure at Deconize Vintage at Flips. I hardly need any more dresses, but I couldn't just leave this precious black dress there, so sad and lonely with nothing but a hanger to recommend it (soon I'm going to have to institute a one-in, one-out policy on my wardrobe).

Next was Mystery Train which was well off the beaten path, but I’m glad I went. They had a lot of super cute things for super cheap, though nothing that day was screaming to join my wardrobe – especially after I’d already picked up a treasure at another store. I will surely be going back there. The two friendly proprietors, Jake and Rico, were running the shop, with some assistance from this adorable pup.

The lingerie section, naturally.

My last stop was Le Grande Strip. This was a very fancy vintage place, the kind that I'm scared to touch anything because it is so pristine and I am such a klutz who is liable to snap a button off with a mere glance. Everything there is no less than stunning - this is where to go for a (very) special occasion dress. Like, first date with your future husband special.

It was fun to see such a broad spectrum of offerings at the various shops; some lower end and more affordable, some super high end and would have you eating ramen for a month to get that one perfect piece, all scratching that vintage itch.

Later in the week I headed back to the Grand Street Bakery for a Roy Miranda art opening that the Wild Yaks, a great Brooklyn based band, were playing. I went more for the Yaks than the art (though I quite enjoyed Miranda’s drawings) – they’re super high energy and have a knack for whipping the crowd into a frenzy. I’ve known the singer, Rob Bronco, for a few years; he is truly a force of nature. Here’s a video for the song “Blood Red Field” that was taken by someone at the show (the first minute or so is sound checking, so fast forward unless you’re into that sort of thing).

That same night I hit one of my favorite music venues, Glasslands, for a PopGun/Yours Truly CMJ Music Marathon showcase. My friend Tom, aka How To Dress Well, sang a few songs with Active Child, one of my top favorite bands at the moment. The singer is literally angelic - not only does he have a heavenly voice but he plays the harp while singing! By appearance, Glasslands is a bit of a dive when compared to some of the newer, fancier venues in New York, but the sound system is quite good, the crowds are quite rowdy, and they have a magical floating cloud hanging above the stage. I think it serves the practical function of sound absorption, but I love the atmosphere it creates, feels like being in a David Lynch film, so dreamy.

From top to bottom: Active Child; Active Child + How To Dress Well; How To Dress Well (Tom likes it with the lights off - it looks like a billowing fire behind him. And in case you were wondering, Tom does dress well)

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22 Oct 2011

MRLA - So Wrong / Jaime Muro / No Party :(

So Wrong is one of the most underrated bands in Los Angeles... and one of the best looking ones! Self-described as "raunchy, loud and everything a rock'n'roll band should be", they are real goth-punks at heart and heavily influenced by the shoegaze sounds of Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and The Stooges. They are sloppy, chaotic and also one of the best in the seedy underbelly of  L.A. The part only the cool kids know about.

Jaime Muro is one of Tijuana's young, up and coming designers. His main inspirations are goth culture, sex, bondage, asymmetric shapes and the Spanish Movida. He also runs a very popular vintage store in the city. This is a preview of his new collection. More to come soon.

No party time this week. Unfortunately I've been feeling under the weather. But I leave you with this video of Nina Hagen, which describes a little my current state.

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21 Oct 2011

Monsieur Robot - The Bowery Effect

I have a long standing obsession with Leigh Bowery. Really he's the great unsung performance artist of his generation, and of the generation that followed. The impact he had on art of all kinds, on fashion, even on culture as a whole is hard to quantify but one thing is undisputed, he always looked extraordinary. I have never really been able to pick a favourite look, mostly because they're all equally wonderful, but one that always stuck in my head is one I call, lettuce head. 

There were actually a couple of incarnations of this look, and why not? I mean, you don't even have to worry about what your hair looks like or whether or not you have dark circles under your eyes, just throw it on and you're good to go! Leigh Bowery has been 'homaged' by many, Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh - actually, now that I think about it there are probably too many to mention. Bowery worked for Vivienne Westwood for a time too so it's not surprising that there's so much overlap between this world of performance art and fashion. Which brings me nicely to Walter Van Beirendonck. The Belgian bear's SS12 collection was a jaunty multi-coloured gingham affair with a few show stoppers that might look familiar...


They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. I'm not sure 'flattered' is all I'd feel but these looks make me smile. I'd say that I'd love to wear one, but really, where would I go in it? I don't suppose it matters, but it'd be fun. Leigh Bowery always looked like he was having fun, and that's good enough for me.

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