31 Aug 2011

Morning Ritual

Every day starts pretty much the same, a cup of tea in a happy mug, two pieces of toast and an army of emails... So when the lovely lady behind Storm Tea asked if I would like to receive some of her blends to try out, my answer was "hell yeah!". 

Anyone who has been to my house will confirm, I have a whole closet full of various types of tea, all kept preciously in metal tins. I am a bit of a tea junkie. This morning, I had a cup of Organic Red Berry and Rose tea (delicious) and I am waiting for my Babe Time partner in crime to come back from her holiday so we can sample the Organic Pure Peppermint Tea together while recording the show. 

What's your favourite blend?

Mug from Paperchase

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30 Aug 2011

Stockholm Fashion Week - Stylein SS12

Stylein is a label created in 2001 by Elin Nyström while she was in NYC. She returned to Sweden in 2003 and is now based in Stockholm. 

What attracted me to Stylein is the seemingly infinite flow factor of their designs. Dresses, jackets, skirts or tops all appear to have a life of their own and become living organisms when in contact with the female form. All I could see on the runway was a sea of beautiful silks draped around slender girls swooshing in front of me. 

After reading up on the label and visiting their site, everything became clear as they announce their designs are inspired by the energies of life. They could easily go further and claim their collection is energy in cloth form.

Simple photos wouldn't have done it justice and a video wouldn't have been enough to show the infinite movement of fabric so here you have fashion week gif coverage....

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28 Aug 2011

MRNY - We're not in Kansas anymore, but Rodarte is

I guess everyone is probably expecting me to write something about the hurricane sitch here in New York, so I’ll try to deliver. I hate to disappoint but it's 9 am and all is calm, no sign of those 60-75 mph winds that those weather folks predicted for today (but perhaps I spoke too soon – here comes the rain again, and the wind chimes are a-chimin'). It seems the worst was last night, and from my window the only evidence is bunches of leaves on the ground.

Seeing as all’s well here and I’ve no disaster tales to tell, you’ll have to make do with do with something that I recollected in the face of the impending storm – Rodarte’s A/W 2011 RTW collection. Inspired by the Terrence Malick 1978 film Days of Heaven, set in the American southwest farmlands in 1916, the designers behind the collection also gave a nod to The Wizard of Oz. I was reminded of the collection, which I first admired back in February when it was on the runway, because of The Wizard of Oz reference, the whirlwind hurricane bearing down on NYC just as the tornado was bearing down on Dorothy in Kansas. Would the winds lift me and take me to Oz? Turns out the answer is a resounding no, but they did take my mind to this lovely Rodartian place.

These ain’t your mama’s prairie dresses, oh no. These are elegant, flowy, silk gowns mixed with dresses, pants, coats and jackets with clean lines, and the occasional simple, southwestern Native American pattern thrown in. I’m easily bored by brown, but the farm-field inspired colors of the silk dresses seem to almost glow, as if looking at the field itself under a blazing sun and blue sky: golden browns and cornsilk creams, stormy gray and soft blue.

I find the gowns a bit intimidatingly beautiful, but the knee length, full skirt dresses are playful even in their elegance.

I think it’s interesting (delightfully so) that an A/W collection is so springy/summery – the light colors, the light fabrics, the sleevelessness. As much as I love the heavy sweaters and the wool tights and the long sleeved, heavy dresses that the New York winter requires, I love that the feeling of the warmer days is preserved (and lifted to high art, no less) in this collection.

Photos via Style.com.

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27 Aug 2011

MRLA - Professor Possessor / WMHW / Opening Ceremony Party

Professor Possessor is a new music project from Los Angeles, and by new I mean NEW, they just came out of their secret laboratory beneath the streets of Beverly Hills this past Tuesday (August 23rd). I came across them casually and I  immediately fell in love! They draw their inspiration from 80's horror kitsch. I think Laurie Anderson would be proud. I can't wait to see them perform live. From what I hear there will be dancing ghouls and fake blood. My favorite song to end a perfect summer: "Northern Summer"

This is Muriel, from Nicaragua. I've always loved Muriel's style, very late 50's, a little mod and very cute, simple and classic. Yes, all in one sentence. 

Dress -  Vintage, Shoes + Necklace - Forever 21, Sunglasses - her mom's 

Thursday night I went to the 'Sup Magazine Issue #24 party thrown by Opening Ceremony at Paul & Andre in Hollywood. I love that bar, it's one of the few spots in L.A. where you can still smoke inside and it is dark as a black cat inside. I missed the complimentary cocktails - I hate open bars that start early and end early, who gets to a party early? BLEACHED, an L.A. band was playing and for a moment, it was 1994 all over again and I was a teenager. Afterwards dancing began with local DJ duo COSMIC KIDS. The party itself was fun to watch. Somehow I managed to get pretty toasty as the night progressed and vaguely remember when the firemarshalls came in and threatened to shut down the party if people did not stop smoking. After that, everything is a bit of a blur...  

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26 Aug 2011

Tourne de Transmission

Tourne de Transmission's début collection has just about blown my tiny mind. Every now and again when I'm getting dressed I have a bit of a strop because pretty much everything I own is either black or white. But really, that's how I like it. There's a lot of purple stuff too, but that's because I love Prince, and days when I dress like Prince, well those are good days, but I digress...

There's a certain sophistication to monochrome wardrobes. Plus everything goes with everything so so you can stumble out of bed, throw anything on and run out the door safe in the knowledge that you haven't made some horrible colour clashing sartorial mistake (this never happens to Prince). 

The Tourne de Transmission designs evoke a classic graphic design quality. Drawing on a gothic, Peter Saville/Joy Division vibe, run through a vintage Raf Simons filter the t-shirts have a certain drama that transcends the mundanity of the plain old t-shirt.

The designs have a beautiful symmetry and a knowing nod to newspaper design and mise en page of the 1900s. With the combination of exquisite typeface and  use of roman numerals – (spelling out 2010, the year the label was created) – Tourne de Transmission have created a bauhaus-esque modern aesthetic.

To be honest I'm grateful they don't come in purple, I'm not sure I'd be able to take it...

Tourne de Transmission is available exclusively at coggles 

Words by Warren Beckett
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25 Aug 2011

A Tour Of My Wardrobe

A little while ago, I was interviewed by the super cool Kirsty and she nosed around my wardrobe for Yahoo & Diet Coke's Style It Light.

Have a look!

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Babe Time With Loulou & Laetitia #4 - Jason Schwartzman / Big Deal

It is that time of the week again, a new episode of Babe Time With Loulou & Laetitia... This time it is all about Jason Schwartzman and hot Jewish guys. But life isn't only about babes so we also reply to a question that was sent to us by a lovely lady named Teri about following dreams. 

I am also really pleased to tell you Babe Time was featured on a really cute blog called Loose Lips Sink Ships this week. You can read the post here - thank you Vanessa!

If you want to download this episode as an mp3 to listen on your phone/ipod, just click here.

Here are the links we mentioned in the show:



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24 Aug 2011

Colours of Stockholm Fashion Week - Orange

To avoid fashion week overload even before London Fashion Week starts, I thought I'd share some of my images from Stockholm Fashion Week in a slightly different way. As I was browsing through all my photos to find what to feature first, some colours started popping out and it became obvious I should present the SS12 Swedish shows to you chromatically. 

Orange was completely ubiquitous and used in a variety of ways depending on the labels. Some like Cheap Monday used touches of it while others went for a monochrome silhouette or contrasted orange with other (even brighter) colours.

I always find myself strangely attracted to orange but I never wear it (apart from an ill-fated pair of orange combats back in my raving years / teens). I think now, rather than evoking clandestine parties in the forest, orange makes me think of Hermès and all things lovely and French.

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23 Aug 2011


This is my boohoo moment, written in the garden of our family home in the South of France on my very last day of holiday. One week isn't enough, and I am massively greedy for holidays. I have some more holiday tricks up my sleeve though so hopefully I will be away from London again faster than you can say "sunshine". Actually, I am off to Paris next week, but that's a work assignment, so it doesn't count. 

I am most definitely hooked to Instagram, despite the convoluted system I've had to put in place to be able to use it... Below are some of my holiday snaps.

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22 Aug 2011

MRNY - Denim and Lace

Lace has been all up in my face lately – but in the best way. A look on basically every Spring 2011 RTW runway, New York girls are rocking it hard, especially black lace, and even the neighborhood Polish ladies are getting in on the action: the other day on the subway I spotted one bleach blonde 50-something year old woman in a denim dress with black lace trim that, frankly, I kind of coveted; maybe it’s the southerner in me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but then realized just how much sense it made. Those ladies are about 20 years behind the times, style wise, which happens to align with where we are now, style wise (and of course, where we were 20 years ago happened to align with where we were 20 years prior – the first Stevie Nicks/boho era).

Denim and Lace skirt from SpeaksVolumeVintage via Etsy.
Denim and lace dress from BD Vintage.
Dolce & Gabbana denim and lace dress

Lace may be a big look, but denim + lace = not so easy to track down. Extensive googling revealed to me this pretty Dolce & Gabbana dress, which looks quite like the dress the woman on the subway was wearing.
It would be easy to go terribly awry in lace-ifying denim (see, e.g., Dolce & Gabbana’s lace appliquéd denim in their S/S 10 collection), but this dress seems to have just the right balance, just sort of a hint of lace trim on a softened up denim. I think the fishnets are a bit much here – I would go with solid tights, light and sheer enough to show off the lace.

From top left: Marc Jacobs teal dress with black lace, Marc Jacobs frilly black lace blouse and skirt, Milly black dress with lace, Jason Wu nude and black lace blouse, Jason Wu black lace blouse, Antonio Berardi gray lace dress. Photos via Style.com.

The end of summer is drawing near, and with it, alas, summer looks, but happily, judging from the above photos from the A/W 11 shows, lace doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Here’s hoping for a bit more denim thrown into the S/S 12 mix. For now I'll have to make do with layering - or tracking down that Polish woman.

Words by Carina Kleter
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