31 Mar 2011

Monsieur Robot - What time is it??

What time is it? An innocent question, but one I'm afraid I can't answer. Remember the nervous breakdown inducing search for glasses that almost killed me last year? Well, get this, it's happening again only this time with watches. You know when it's someone's birthday and you ask what they'd like and they say "oh I've no idea", well I'm the exact opposite, at any time of the day or year I could give you a list as long as your arm of things I'd like but I honestly cant find a watch I like anywhere. Even if money was not a concern I'd struggle to find something I want to wear on my wrist all day long. 

Watches are a strange accessory. They're functional but in the days of mobile phones, when everyone already owns an accessory which tells the time they're pretty much defunct. That means it's kind of superfluous so it's more of an optional fashion accessory. I think of it as very much a male accessory... We're all meant to have some kind of status symbol piece on our wrists... No pressure eh?

I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful vintage Chronograph watch for Christmas. It's something I've always wanted, a gold digital watch from the 1970's with a red LED display. Something like the Bulova Drivers watch, it'd be like wearing a gold Delorean on your wrist.

They have a retro aesthetic brimming with all the futuristic promise of the digital age. There was one problem though, I'm allergic to it. A few hours on my wrist and I break out into itchy red spots. Never a good look. So I started looking for a replacement, something modern. My current watch collection consists almost entirely of retro digital watches, everything from Timex to Casio. But in the interest of looking more grown up I thought an ultra-sophisticated, wear-with-anything watch would be in order... An analog watch.

Oki-ni  has the perfect one, their Uniform Wares watches are sublimely minimal. Their TSOVET range is also beautiful, similar to the gorgeous U-Boat watches that I love, but they're all out of my price range. There's something appealing about the sheer size of these watches. They make a statement piece out of a functional item and, really, why not?


Of course if I can't settle on something grown up and sophisticated I could always throw caution to the wind and go completely balls out with a Jeremy Scott watch. His new collection for Swatch is typically amazing. Fantastically impractical with his signature sense of humour, I wouldn't even mind if they didn't tell the time...

Have you got a watch recommendation? Or maybe you just fancy telling me what time it is? Drop me a line... @robotmonsieur

30 Mar 2011

Closet Case Vintage SS11

Cute girls, great vintage clothes, kittens, beautiful scenery and atmospheric film - this is the recipe for the perfect lookbook as far as I am concerned... Carmen Jaundon, the brains behind Closet Case Vintage obviously has a very clear idea of the concept she wants to show the world and you know there is nothing I like more than seeing a group of super talented girls  (and in this instance a boy as well) getting together to create some magic.

Natalie Prass
Allister Ann
Ashley Clapp
Deli Neblett
Kristyn Weatherington
Lauren Winter
Maria Elba
Zarna Surti

Directed and edited by Seth Graves
Key Hair and Makeup by Melissa Fergus
Hair by Jessica Watkins
Wardrobe Styling by Carmen Jaudon
Wardrobe Assisting by Quincy Barker

Props to Loulou for letting me know her friend Seth directed this little gem.


29 Mar 2011

Swedish Hasbeens SS11

I am a fool. Considering I spend half of my waking time chanting about Swedish Hasbeens and how they are my favourite shoes, I should really have unearthed these images earlier. I can't even remember if I had posted the photos from the last fashion week where the Spring-Summer collection was on display. If I didn't, I truly am failing at my job and I will go and stick a fork in my hand right away. Then I will jump in the pizza oven. I will become the  God O' Clogs toy. 

I don't think I need to say anything about Hasbeens - I've said it all many times before. I will say one thing though: this season is the season for diversity. Hasbeens are making flats... and non-clogs. By this I mean regular shoes. The best thing is they are proving just how nice their regular shoe designs are. They are no longer just the retro Swedish company that brought clogs back from their seventies exile. They are now a proper shoe label with a great mix of cool and classic designs. Dang, I thought I didn't have anything more to say about them...

Have a look at my greedy little shoe wish list.

013 High Heeled Leather Sandal Turquoise
002 Ballerina Perforated Black kommer
001 Ballerina Hepburn Yellow
399 Striped Beach Sandal Red and White
302 Mimmi Mouse Red
312 60's Slingback Neon Pink

Wow. I need to make some space in my closet...


28 Mar 2011

Luella & Me - Ten silhouettes

In order to show you what inspires my personal style and also for me to understand my sartorial impulses a little better, I thought I'd have a look at past collections of designers I love and pick out 10 silhouettes that influenced me. 



25 Mar 2011

LFW - Westwood Red Label

I first fell in love with Westwood as a teenage boy. In the early 90s I saw a Vivienne Westwood t-shirt in an issue of The Face. It had two gigantic silver spunking penises on the chest and her signature around the hem. The model looked, cool, edgy, dangerous and sexy, all the things most designers struggle to achieve in an entire collection Westwood had done in one t-shirt. Cut to many years later and I find myself in the queue for what would prove to be the most baroque and grandiose show I saw at LFW. The Vivienne Westwood Red Label show was held at the Royal Courts of Justice and the 19th century Victorian Gothic architecture proved to be the ultimate backdrop to this ready-to-wear collection. Westwood isn't to everyone's taste but no-one can deny the inimitable and unique way she mixes fabrics and patterns, or her trademark silhouette. Every time I see the Westwood orb logo, based on the 'globus cruciger', my stomach does a little flip in excitement... I cant think of any brand I get quite so excited about. Anyway, enough about me, let's get down to business...


24 Mar 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

I just finished writing an article about Elizabeth Taylor's career for the MCM Blog and as I was writing it, I realised how sad I was about her death. I always find it quite bizarre to be moved by the death of a stranger, but this time I felt really strongly about it. I think because it represents the end of an era I really admire, the era of Classic Hollywood glamour, when the world was changing after the war. Elizabeth Taylor to me symbolizes this unattainable perfection, a cinematic experience that has shaped the dreams of many generations. 

I admired Elizabeth Taylor for her personal battles as much as for her career. Her involvement in AIDS campaigning was admirable and helped spreading awareness about the disease as well as fighting the prejudices associating with it. What now seems like a given for most used to be a very difficult thing for people to understand. 

RIP Liz, there are no others like you.

23 Mar 2011

All grown up... and new glasses

"I bet you think I look respectable

You should've seen me in my prime

You'd have thought that I was headed for, oh yeah

A life of crime."

I feel a little stupid with a title like "all grown up" at 32. That probably should be the title to each and every single outfit post... Or actually maybe I shouldn't even post my outfits. The great thing is that there are no rules for bloggers and for all I know I will still be blogging when I am 97 (although I hope I will have retired by then and will be living La Vida Loca in Miami with approximately 72 toy boys).

Anyway. The point of this post was to show you a side of me you don't normally get to see, heck I don't even get to see it that often! Today I went to visit a school for Mini Robot, so I felt I had to "dress the part", the "part" being that of a respectable M-U-M. Yeah. I am a mum. Sometimes it just hits me in the face like that. My work means I mainly interact with younger peeps and have pretty frivolous pursuits from 9 to 5, but I am actually a responsible adult, with a flat, a child and a husband to look after. Pretty crazy, huh?

So this is me in my "grown-up" attire. I quite like it, it makes me feel very glamourous and sophisticated. I only have this one photo though, because glamourous, sophisticated, respectable ADULTS don't force their husband to take multiple photos of them in the street. That's a shame really as I was damn proud of my scrubbing up effort. 

Are there occasions for which you feel you need to "dress the part"?


I am wearing jeans c/o Dorothy Perkins (as seen here), Aquascutum blazer, See by Chloe bag, silk tee from UO and shoes from New Look.

On a side note, I also have new glasses

Photo 145


22 Mar 2011

MRtv - How to make a turban from a scarf?

Last week during the denim challenge, I pulled a little trick out of my hat that most of you asked about: the turban trick. It is possibly one of the easiest styling stunts there is... and one of the most efficient. So I made a little tutorial to help you with your scarf turban making...


All you need is a silk scarf that is big enough to be looped twice around your head once folded into a triangle.

I am wearing a dress c/o Mina UK, vintage Céline scarf.


21 Mar 2011

MiniMarket x Roxy SS11

After Henry Holland and Laura Figueras, it is now MiniMarket's turn to collaborate with Roxy to design a Spring-Summer capsule collection for the surf & snow brand. The Scandinavian brand and Roxy's style collide as they are both inspired by nature. MiniMarket's clean shapes and graphic prints are the perfect complement to the Roxy girl's lifestyle.

I especially love the polka dot twisted dress and the kaftans. All I can think about is walking on the beach in Los Angeles at sunrise wearing those...

1288021660_1608_ROXYHEART_MINIMARKET7_FredericAuerbach low res



1288021614_2426_ROXYHEART_MINIMARKET1_FredericAuerbach low res

18 Mar 2011

Monsieur Robot loves Astrid Andersen - LFW Special

I've given up trying to look smart. Shirts, bow ties, knitwear, that's all great, but you know what? It's a pain in the ass dressing like that. It's uncomfortable, and it creates way too much laundry and ironing. Honestly, I don't have time in my life for ironing. My old obsession with sportswear is back with a vengeance. Don't panic, I'm not talking velours or tracksuit bottoms (I haven't gone mad), I'm talking sweatshirts, trainers, bomber jackets - clothes that are easy to wear. If you feel comfortable you look comfortable. The other great thing about sportswear is that it's F-U-N. It's time to throw that sophisticated muted colour palette out the window.

Astrid Andersen's presentation at London Fashion Week was a joyous fusion of sportswear and high fashion. Tracksuit as couture? Yes please...

The colours and fabrics were as brash and as bold as the man who's daring enough to wear them. The collection references the hip hop aesthetic of the 1980's, back when it was really exciting. Nowadays anything you could describe as 'ghetto' or 'bling' is so ubiquitous it's become boring. Astrid Andersen has rethought the whole idea of the look and somehow put attitude back into the clothes, making urban seem edgy again. I caught up with her to ask her some questions.

Denim Challenge - Day 5: Wide Leg

Today is the final day of the denim challenge, I hope you've enjoyed it so far... Today is also the day I try the shape I was the most unsure of.

Wide leg is a shape I've always wanted to wear, but no matter how many pairs I've tried (and sometimes bought) I never managed to find a single one that looked nice on me. To make it easy on my ego, I had convinced myself this was a shape that only worked on super tall, stick thin, model like girls, certainly not on 32 years old mothers with a penchant for nice food.

Enter DP's Mid Wash Belted Wide Leg Jeans. I chose to go one size up for extra comfort (and to avoid unsightly camel toes) and I must say so far I am convinced... So convinced in fact that I went as far as wearing a crop top with them... and they aren't even that high on the waist. I don't think I've bared my midriff since I was 16! I am not sure I will bare it much in the future, but for the sake of this challenge, I pushed the boundaries a little further. 

Anyway... You are probably all sick to death of my face by now - 5 outfit posts in a row is unheard of on this blog, but normal services will resume next week, with occasional outfits and a lot of ramblings.

Denim Challenge Outfit


I am wearing Mid Wash Belted Wide Leg Jeans c/o Dorothy Perkins, Tee-shirt c/o Monki, Office wedges and ASOS Sunnglasses.

To see how my denim buddies are wearing theirs, head over to Style HQ!


17 Mar 2011

Be my guest to the MCM Film Club

On Tuesday night, I hosted the first MCM Film Club at their London store. In the spirit of the old style after school clubs, I invited a handful of my favourite bloggers to watch "Bringing Up Baby", nibble on some sweets and popcorn and drink champagne. 



Denim Challenge - Day 4: Colour

This is the day I have been the most excited about ever since I picked this pair of salmon coloured kick flare jeans at the DP showroom! I wanted to wear them with red since I am a little obsessed with pink/red combination at the moment, but I didn't have the right shade of red for that particular shade of pink, so I went for a neutral top instead.

The jeans fit nicely, they hug all the right places and the length is just right for my height (5'7"). I am tempted to get the light blue pair as well now - these are making me long for hotter days even more!

Denim Challenge Outfit

Denim Challenge Outfit

I am wearing Kick Flare Jeans c/o Dorothy Perkins, Topshop shirt, See by Chloe bag and Target shoes.

To see how my denim buddies are wearing theirs, head over to Style HQ!


16 Mar 2011

Denim Challenge - Day 3: Boyfit

I have been searching and searching for cute boyfit jeans for ages. I wanted a style that was a little more comfortable and less figure hugging than skinnies. Something that looked even more relaxed. I tried many pairs, from Acne to ASOS but I never thought of turning to Dorothy Perkins before for jeans, let alone boyfit.

You can imagine my delight when I tried these on only to find out they were the perfect mix of relaxed boy cut and slightly skinny on the thigh. Well at least on me they are! I am particularly pleased with this pair as it opens up a whole new range of wardrobe possibilities...

Denim Challenge Outfit


I am wearing Mid Wash Slim Boyfriend Jean c/o Dorothy Perkins, Luella top, Trench coat c/o Monki and Prada shoes.

To see how my denim buddies are wearing theirs, head over to Style HQ!

15 Mar 2011

Mini Robot - Little Cupcakes by Fam Irvoll

Do you remember Fam Irvoll's womenswear show? Well it wasn't the primary reason for my visit to Oslo. I was actually invited to see the Little Cupcakes kidswear line. To be totally honest, Mini Robot was invited, but she couldn't go because she was washing her hair that night, so I went and did her job for her - the sacrifices of a mother never end. Seriously though, how lazy are three year olds these days? Pah!

I came back with the obligatory truck load of photos from this really cute collection and showed it to her in order to get her expert commentary. I merely transcribed our conversation above each look, you get the idea.

Mini Robot:  Who is that?
Me: A little girl modelling some clothes.
Mini Robot: What is she wearing?
Me: A skirt and a top. Do you like them?
Mini Robot: Yes, they are pretty. Can I have them to wear?
Why is she not wearing shoes?
Me: I don't know.

Fam Irvoll - Little Cupcakes


Denim Challenge - Day 2: Skinny Flare

I only very recently reacquired a taste for flares so trying out a different style from the ones I already owned  was quite an interesting "experience". These are quite a lot dressier than my other pair so part of me wanted to style them up but I decided against it as I hardly ever dress "like a sophisticated lady" so instead I opted for the usual casual...

The fit of the jeans is quite nice, although I am not sure I'd wear them everyday. They are slightly too low rise for me, I like my flares high on the waist (like all my jeans for that matter). I went for a regular length as it seemed right when I tried them on in the showroom, but actually I should probably have opted for a longer leg... although this way I don't always have to wear heels with them which is also a bonus.

Denim Challenge Outfit


Denim Challenge Outfit

I am wearing Indigo Skinny Flare jeans c/o Dorothy Perkins, Swedish Hasbeens shoes, H&M blouse, vintage Céline scarf and Urban Outfitters bag.

To see how my denim buddies are wearing theirs, head over to Style HQ!

14 Mar 2011

Peter Jensen AW11-12

What happens when Peter Jensen, Shirley Kurata and Autumn de Wilde work together? Magic. That's what happens. Instead of his usual presentation during NYFW, Jensen decided to release a very inspiring lookbook styled by Kurata and photographed by de Wilde. In my world, this is the Holy Trinity - or something like that.

It is no secret I am a big fan of Jensen's playful designs but my love for him just went up a notch when I discovered that his Autumn-Winter 2011-12 was inspired by Anna Karina in Godard's Une Femme est une Femme, which is firmly up there in my top 10 favourite movies. One day I should really share the list with you... Maybe I will do it on Tumblr or something. 

The collection focuses on dresses and knitwear and looks back to the past decade's archives, updating and restyling key pieces. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the brand, which means a website redesign and *roll drums* an online shop - hurray! Also coming up a retrospective book and exhibition... I don't know about you, but I am pretty excited about this.



More photos after the jump.


Denim Challenge - Day 1: Super Skinny jeans

You know how I keep saying I only want to wear jeans and stripy tops at the moment? Well I am pushing it just a little step further by participating in Dorothy Perkins' Denim Challenge this week. Basically, each day I will have to wear a different shape of jeans and document my experience here - not rocket science.

The fun thing is that I am not the only one participating, there are in fact 5 of us, all of different shapes and sizes. To avoid spoiling the surprise, I am going to let you go and discover my 5 denim buddies on Style HQ, the DP blog where our efforts will be chronicled each day.

Day 1 is for Super Skinny jeans, which is a shape I wear all the time anyway, so that isn't massively challenging - especially as I live in skinny jeans at the moment. The only strange thing was to wear a different brand. I normally always buy my skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters' own range as the fit is the best suited to my body shape and they are a little higher rise on the waist than most other high-street skinnies.

For the DP jeans, I found that the trick to get the same higher rise result was to get them in a size bigger. I tried them on in a 12 and they were fine, but a little too low on the waist for my liking. The 14 goes higher but the jeans are stretchy enough so they are not baggy on the legs even a size up.

Denim Challenge outfit


Denim Challenge Outfit

I am wearing Super Skinny jeans c/o Dorothy Perkins, tee-shirt c/o Monki, shirt from Forever 21, Cambridge Satchel and Chie Mihara shoes.

12 Mar 2011

Justin Wu

I don't normally post on weekends, but this was too good to be true and too good not to post. The first video is a collaboration between Models.com and videographer Justin Wu. It was filmed in Paris and Milan and stars some of the models of both Fashion Weeks on and off-duty lip-synching to "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You".

I just wish I'd seen this during Fashion Week, it would have made me forget some of the industry flaws...

And of course, it wouldn't be complete without the same concept... with cute boys!

Boys of Milan & Paris FW2011 from Justin Wu on Vimeo.

11 Mar 2011

Monsieur Robot loves Baartmans and Siegel

Amongst the madness and frivolity of LFW there were a lot of clothes that were designed only to look good on a runway and purely to stand out from the crowd. But these clothes don't always make it into the shops or onto the streets. There was one brand, however, that stood out from the rest for all the right reasons, it was Baartmans and Siegel. I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Wouter Baartmans and Amber Siegel at their studio before Fashion Week so I had already seen the stunning collection they were set to show. In the few weeks between our meeting and menswear day I couldn't stop thinking about the clothes. There's a luxury and a sophistication that's so rarely seen in most modern menswear, and with Baartmans and Siegel there's an attention to detail and a eye for fabric that defines understated chic. The clothes are smart - but not boring, formal - but not stuffy; and the printed silk scarf? Well let's just say I've actually had dreams about it. The whole collection is thoroughly modern and ultra-sleek.

As I'm studying for a Masters in Film there's nothing more exciting for me when my two favourite things - cinema and fashion, collide. The collection was inspired by Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, a personal favourite of mine. The aesthetic of Philip K Dick's dystopian future remains a cinematic landmark. The films costume designers Michael Caplan and Charles Knode fused classic styles with futuristic elements to create a unique style, one that Baartmans and Siegel have turned into high art.

Amber and Wouter were kind enough to answer a few questions for me, so let's see what went into to making this collection and what the Baartmans and Siegel brand is all about. 

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