Who’s Next Paris – Focus On Accessories

Today is my last day at Who’s Next and also the last day of the exhibition. Since a large chunk of the convention centre is dedicated to accessories, I figured it would make sense to dedicate a whole post to my favourite accessories. My visit was fruitful as I fell in love with two brand new (to me) jewellery labels and was able to drool all over the new collection from one of my favourite brands…
My first stop today was to pay a visit to the Who’s Next Blog Winners space, which is dedicated to emerging talent. While a couple clothing designers caught my eye, I wasn’t bowled over. However, I fell head over heels for A Peace Treaty. I was first attracted to the booth by the colourful silk scarves, and after I saw the jewellery I was a convert to the brand! The brand was born as a personal pact between friends Farah Malik (Pakistani Muslim) and Dana Arbib (Lybian Jew) – hence the name. Their goal is to create employment for skilled artisans working in places of socio-political crisis. 
The collection is well stocked internationally and they are even represented in one of my London haunts of choice: Darkroom.
Still focusing on jewellery, I wandered down a few booths further and came face to face with Pagan Poetry, a brand created only last year and inspired by North American Legends, shamanism, literature and nature. As you guessed, the name is pretty self-explanatory.
The pieces presented on the salon were beautifully crafted, with leather feathers all hand drawn, each piece painstakingly assembled by label creator Diane. I was particularly taken by the feather neckpieces as they were undoubtedly the most wearable (by me), but the very ornate gold flower headbands and harnesses were also completely dreamy.
Last but not least, I stopped by the Miniseri booth. I can’t remember exactly when I first came across Miniseri, but it must have been a while ago during my quest for the perfect satchel. I remember their website when it only offered a choice between two types of satchels. Now, there is a plethora of them and they are all as lovely as each other. I had a sneaky look when I got home – you know, for research – and I must say I would be hard pressed to pick just one to call my own!
What I love most about the brand is that the whole family can share a bag. I can totally imagine buying a satchel for Mini Robot and borrowing it at the weekend! The brand is also branching out now and they are not only making satchels. Their collection of bags is growing and now boasts travel bags, handbags and man bags – all lovely. My personal favourite: the camel leather tote bag. So slouchy and wonderful!
Today is the last question for the xbox giveaway… So compile your answers and email them all to me. I will select the winner at random early next week!


What’s French for “satchel”?

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