MRLA – 18+ / Tomomi Fukuda / Fashion Night Out & Fuck Yeah Fest


The identity of 18+ is to be kept a secret. At least that’s what I’ve been told to do for now. I’ve been curious to hear and know more about them and I casually got to meet one of the masterminds behind it all the other night at a pool party. Of course, their true identities will remain a secret. Still, I have to mention my little crush for the little brother and sister music duo. Recently they did the music for the new Prada Fall 2011 commercial. Before I give out their true identity, enjoy my favorite song of theirs: “Forgiven“, a hypnotizing slow motion hip-hop.
Tomomi Fukuda has been designing and making clothing since I first met her. She is based in Los Angeles and her brand Urbanguerrillas Camdenlock Clothing is  inspired by the Punk Spirit of ’77. She’s designed mod suits and ties for some big names like Green Day. Recently she started working with cult punk band  Laughn’ Nose in Tokyo and plans to expand more there, as well as creating a line of tattoos & eyeliner. Each piece in her collection is hand made… Cute and cozy mohair sweaters and a brand new line of punk rock Gothic Lolita leggings perfect for this Fall.

I’ve never been a fan of big festivals. The last good one I went to was Lollapalooza back in 1994 and this year I decided to go to Fuck Yeah Fest. I’d never been before but it was my niece’s 15th birthday and she wanted me to take her there as a gift. From the moment we got there I felt transported back to the 90’s (again). The festival has become more popular in L.A. over the years and it was pretty fun, my favourites were Glass Candy and Cults. Speaking of Cults, they played a free show last night for Fashion Night Out at the Phillip Lim party in the heart of West Hollywood, which was one of the most popular of the night. After a few drinks at the John Varvatos party, we walked up to it and decided to stay there. Cute music, cute boys and girls. Cute night. 

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