Monsieur Robot – When High Art Meets High Fashion

Looking at the images of the new LENS collection for Topman I couldn’t help but feel like I’d seen it all before… Not in terms of fashion but in the wider sense of art, painting, sculpture and even architecture. I wouldn’t know what to pick between art and fashion if someone was to ask me which one I preferred, so I’m glad the two worlds overlap, that way I don’t have to pick. Here are my favourite looks from the collection along with the art the looks remind me of…

 New Power Studio – Topman LENS

Mark Rothko – Blue and Grey

There’s really nothing casual about New Power Studio’s track pants and t-shirt combo. Something in the shapes and sumptuous pastel shades seems to transcend what in anyone else’s design would be pure street wear. Something about the shape of the t-shirt’s logo  paired with the colour of the trousers reminded me of Mark Rothko’s ‘Blue and Grey’.
David David – Topman LENS

Piet Mondrian, Composition, 1921

For David David the knitwear designs scream modernism, and even though that’s an art movement older than me it still seems fresh and contemporary. Colour blocking without any of the hassle of assembling separates, this look is Piet Mondrian all over…
JW Anderson – Topman LENS

Paul Cezanne – Flowers in a Rococo Vase
JW Anderson’s floral print evokes a host of imagery from painters and artists of all kinds, in fact the printing on the actual jumper makes it look like it’s been painted onto the fabric. It reminds me of Paul Cezanne’s ‘Flowers in a Rococo Vase’. It’s a tough call for a man to wear florals and I applaud anyone with the ‘balls’ to give it a go. I know if I get my hands on this particular jumper I’ll be wearing it non-stop. Only a real man can get away with florals…
The Topman LENS collection will be available online and in-store from 15th September, which gives me something to wear to London Fashion Week 🙂 
Words by Warren Beckett
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