Monsieur Robot – A valentine to Valentino

Let’s not kid ourselves: Summer is gone. And even though I’ve been trying to plan ahead wardrobe-wise, it seems I find myself without a Winter coat for this year. It looks like there hasn’t been much movement trend wise for men’s outerwear. Pea coats, macs, shearling and the duffle still rule the roost but that’s ok, I look great in all those styles. Valentino’s Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection, whilst being utterly beautiful also has the best selection of coats and jackets I’ve seen anywhere…

It’s a sublimely wearable collection, understated, elegant, chic, everything you would expect from the house of Valentino. It’s also surprisingly simple, Italian style tends to err on the side of maximalism, baroque and over the top, but not here. It references street wear without looking cheap and the shoes, well, those shoes would look particularly good on me. Just saying!
I would have done this post as a ‘wish list’ but I don’t think anyone loves me enough to buy me Valentino. There’s wishing and then there’s plain old desperation and denial, so I’ll pretend I’m simply admiring the collection in a stoic, editorial way, and not sobbing at the thought of enduring a cold winter without something to keep me warm and dapper. A boy can dream…
Words by Warren Beckett
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