Adventures In Ironing, A Personal Interlude

I am a week away from my special trip to Los Angeles, but I am also 6 weeks away from moving home, which is all very exciting. As you can imagine, my head is mainly filled with three words: “packing, packing, packing”. Whether it is my suitcase or large cardboard boxes, packing is all I want to do right now. My house is slowly filling up with boxes and the shelves are looking bare… I think I am addicted to packing. 
It is probably due to some strange post fashion week delirium that made me want to catch up with real life rather than spending my days cruising around fashion shows like a loon. Real life definitely wins in my book. To further prove this, the other day I set out to iron my Dog print Unique blouse to test out the Philips PerfectCare that was just sent to me and I ended up two hours later having ironed ALL of my blouses. I had to stop myself as I reached for a pair of trousers. This seriously never happens. I rarely iron anything and I don’t particularly like ironing, but for some reason with this new system, I was like under a spell. Suddenly ironing became THE thing I wanted to do. I wanted to hear the steam and see the iron glide on my clothes, I was like in a trance. An ironing trance. 
As a result I now have crease free everything which is going to be really handy when I need to pack everything in my suitcase for Los Angeles… Which leads me to my second (fourteenth?) point: what the heck do I bring to LA? I am spending one week there and it is going to be pretty action packed, possibly even more so than the last time I was there. I need daytime outfits, evening outfits, Disneyland outfits, beach outfits – I am even going to Palm Springs so I need a resort outfit. Phew. There are definitely worse problems to have, right?

Before I go, here are the things that kept me sane during Fashion week: Deliverance, Grazia’s Big Fashion Issue, my iPhone… and flat shoes!

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