Stockholm Fashion Week – Stylein SS12

Stylein is a label created in 2001 by Elin Nyström while she was in NYC. She returned to Sweden in 2003 and is now based in Stockholm. 
What attracted me to Stylein is the seemingly infinite flow factor of their designs. Dresses, jackets, skirts or tops all appear to have a life of their own and become living organisms when in contact with the female form. All I could see on the runway was a sea of beautiful silks draped around slender girls swooshing in front of me. 
After reading up on the label and visiting their site, everything became clear as they announce their designs are inspired by the energies of life. They could easily go further and claim their collection is energy in cloth form.
Simple photos wouldn’t have done it justice and a video wouldn’t have been enough to show the infinite movement of fabric so here you have fashion week gif coverage….

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