My L.A. Loot

There is something very special about holiday shopping: if you pay by card and you are not in your country of residence, then it doesn’t count. It is a bit like stuffing your face while on a plane, the calories don’t exist when you are in the sky. That said, I don’t really stuff my face on the plane, and I don’t generally go holiday shopping crazy. 
vintage heart ring (from american vintage), sagittarius pendant (from kitson), vintage sheer floral top (from squaresville)

I made an exception for Los Angeles though. As you may have gathered, I am completely head over heels in love with the city (oh really?!?) so any excuse to bring back a little bit of it to London is good enough for me. This time, I was forced to spend a certain amount on vintage clothes as I had a little budget kindly provided by Quiksilver Women, but I didn’t stop there… Oh no, I didn’t.
It would have been rude to leave all this stuff behind, all the shops I went to were so special and well curated. The best thing about this is that in total I can’t have spent more than £50.

LA Loot
braided suede and feathers belt, vintage mexican blanket (both from american vintage)

LA Loot
vintage hot air balloons blouse (from american vintage)

LA Loot
field notes notebook and pen (from driftwood), mostly true (from mollusk surf shop)

LA Loot
los angeles hand-embroidered tea towel (from catstudio), vintage postcard from italy blouse (from hidden treasures)

LA Loot
vintage white silk top (from american vintage), bright pink silk blouse (from j.crew)

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