The Outnet

A few weeks ago, The Outnet invited me and a few other bloggers to play dress up in a London photo studio. The idea was to showcase our own style using their clothes. I was sent a few questions in advance about my tastes and then a selection was put together for me on the site (have a look!) out of which I could pick 10 pieces. 

On the day of the shoot, my 10 pieces were waiting for me, and I was also allowed to pick some other things from more racks with garments showcased on “seasonal trends” rails. I was quickly drawn to the bright colours.

The Outnet - Video shoot
I liked all the pieces on my rail, but they didn’t all work on me so I ended up going for this pink DKNY coat because in case you haven’t noticed I am craving super brights while waiting for Spring. Underneath, I kept things simple with a stripy Thread Social minidress. Since I didn’t have to walk very far, I picked the most ridiculously high shoes (from Fendi) and teamed them with black ankle socks (because I can). Mind you, I still managed to strain my leg muscles because the shoes were that high. Clever? Not so much.

The Outnet shoot
The Outnet shoot