Mini Robot – Baby Basics, the OshKosh dungarees

When you have your first child, buying clothes can be quite a daunting business. Sure, everything is super small and super cute, but you will soon find that this is all just smoke and mirrors. The reality is that there are many other factors to take into account that have nothing to do with cuteness: the poo factor, the puke factor, the crawl factor, the itch factor and many more. You also want to avoid buying clothes all the time because your baby grows as fast as a genetically modified sea monkey. 
No, what you want to do is sit down and have a think about basics. Baby basics are way more fun than grown-up basics but they are just as durable. Today, let me introduce you to the OshKosh dungarees and their many wonders:
– they are virtually indestructible.
– buy them in a few sizes too big and roll them up. Little by little, you will roll them down and down and down. That way you can easily keep them for 6 months or more!
– they go with everything.
– they make layering easy.
– easy access to the nappy area.
– easy to wash.
– unisex (they even do different colours and stuff if you are adamant you want your girl to wear pink).
The cherry on the cake is that these mythical dungarees are very easily found in Charity Shops for approximately £2.50 which makes them the ultimate bargain.
Mini Robot used to swear by them and was very disappointed when she found out she couldn’t wear them any more.