Fashion Apps

One of the main reasons I asked Santa for an iPad was to be able to stuff it with books and magazine and just binge on the printed word… electronically. Although I love to collect books, I am still in two minds about the accumulation of magazines in my not-so-big London apartment. The electronic issue is the answer to my problems, and more. With added content, a lower price and beautiful shiny photoshoots, I am ready to abandon paper altogether. 
I currently have two fashion mags apps on my iPad: ELLE US and VOGUE UK. They have two different models – ELLE is totally free and offers both the regular issue and an iPad specific one (filled with extras); VOGUE lets you download the previous issue at a lower price (£1.79 instead of £3.99 for the printed version).
The ELLE US app really blew me away as it offers so many options to save pieces you like, create an inspiration board, share everything, watch trailers, read and interact with features etc. 



The Stella McCartney app is a bit of a work of art – or an artfully crafted journal. It invites you into the brand’s universe and really sucks you in with the help of beautiful imagery, artist profiles, little videos and cleverly laid out lookbooks. The kids section is also really sweet, but Mini Robot will look at it in more detail soon.

Finally the Mulberry app was recommended to me by the lovely Sabina over at Mulberry just before Christmas, and I don’t regret downloading it. It is a merchant app, which means you can buy directly from the application after choosing outfits from the lookbook. If I could buy anything from there it would have to be their new Tillie bag, which is yet another take on the satchel that had me foaming at the mouth…

Do you have an iPad? If so do you have any apps to recommend?