31 Dec 2010

Monsieur Robot's Style Icons - #1 Sufjan Stevens

At this time of year there are countless pages of magazines, newspapers and whole TV shows dedicated to lists. Films of the year and albums of the year are always fun to read but the most interesting of these end of year lists is always 'best dressed'. Despite my esoteric and obtuse tastes there’s always a few albums or films which I like that appear in even the most ill-informed list, but the best dressed men lists confound me every year.

I assume there are some criteria for appearing on these lists that I don't know about but looking around at this year and last year’s lists all the 'best-dressed' men are the same. Firstly they're mostly pictured at red carpet events and are nearly always wearing suits. Suits are fine, on some people suits looks great and we all know that if you want a really nice suit, you go to Saville Row and have a bespoke suit tailored to your body. 

But what’s so great about that? Film stars and music stars are rich, they can afford all the designer clothes and handmade suits they want, plus you can assume they all have stylists too. My point is wearing a sharply tailored suit is fine but it doesn’t really show any personal style does it?  So when I see endless pictures of Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and David Beckham in the 'best-dressed' men’s list I get a little angry. David Beckham? Really? I'm not even going to explain why that’s wrong because you should already know.

To quote a great man, these lists "say nothing to me about my life". So to start off a new series of sporadic blog posts my first style icon is the magnificent Sufjan Stevens. I've been obsessed with his music for years and as a relatively reclusive music star he's all the more enigmatic. 

When I first saw him in concert I was taken aback by how theatrical the show was. Sufjan and his band were in costume as cheerleaders. The man can look good in tracksuit bottoms.The next time I saw him was on Halloween and in a smaller more intimate venue I could get up close to see Sufjan’s paper wings, his feathered eye mask and guyliner. Perhaps it was the folk music that made me think he wouldn't be interested in fashion but there’s something about the confidence with which he wears these outfits that makes them seem completely normal.

You might not see the appeal in such ordinary clothes but style isn’t about fancy garments it’s about an outfit that has the ability to sum up a person’s attitude or a look that projects their personality without any effort. But as his music style has changed recently so has his fashion. Somewhere between Walter Van Beirendonck and Cassette Playa Sufjan’s new style is all about post nu-rave day-glo colours and robot dancing and for that reason, he’s number 1 in my list.


30 Dec 2010

Mini Robot - Bang Bang Copenhagen

Bang Bang Copenhagen is a Danish children's label created by Louise Lundholm and Mia Risager. Like a lot of cool Scandinavian kidswear, their collection focus on some super eye-catching prints and stay well away from the traditional colour codes. Thank God for that! Any mum out there who reads me and has ever tried to find some neutral coloured clothes - or even worse some brightly coloured clothes - for their child will understand what I am saying. 

There is almost no hope when it comes to baby clothes: you just have to jump in a sea of sickly sweet pastel colours or embrace the naff slogan babygro - "Just spent 9 months inside", "Nobody leaves baby in the corner" - that may sound hilarious at first, but quickly becomes just... annoying and smug. 

When Mini Robot was born, I had no idea where to shop for fun baby clothes in London, so I ended up buying a lot of her stuff from France. Everything in London seemed either bland of garish. 

Then I went to Stockholm and  discovered a whole new world of children's clothing: amazing prints, practical designs, low prices and over all fun stuff to buy. That led me of course to explore the whole of Scandinavia for more kids clothes, and Bang Bang Copenhagen is just one of them. Expect many more to come.




Mini Robot's review: "They're fine, I want to wear it. The scarf, and the hat, and the dress".

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29 Dec 2010

I love you

pimp your myspace at Gickr.com

I would lie if I said I dressed like this everyday during the holidays. I have been an extremely lazy dresser and have enjoyed spending most of my time either in my jammies (in front of Friends or reading) or just in my uniform (jeans and jumper). I even had a little moment when I suddenly understood the point of "loungewear". I guess that means I am learning to chillax, yes? 

The good thing about not making too much effort for a few days is that I actually get to miss it. So today I made an "effort" - mainly because I really wanted to wear my new Vivetta blouse!


I am wearing vintage jacket and skirt, vintage Ferragamo shoes, c/o Vivetta blouse, Mulberry bag.  Accessories - Pompom necklace from The Vamoose (thanks Anne!), cube ring Gemma Lister and Believe ring Disney Couture.

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28 Dec 2010

Innerspace - Mateus

After spending a few days thinking almost exclusively about food, table arrangements and general kitchen/home related stuff, it was only normal that I suddenly remembered Mateus. I discovered the brand while visiting the lovely Tove at the Varg showroom a few weeks ago. 

Mateus was founded in 1993 by Teresa Lundahl. The collections are designed in Sweden and produced in Portugal, where ceramics are a specialty. The products are of course wonderful, but what tipped me over the edge was the beautiful and unusual styling of the lookbook. I love that they didn't take the easy option of just putting together a very chic table display but instead went for a completely whimsical set up. 

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27 Dec 2010


There is something about the first season of Friends, before Jennifer Aniston started sporting the trademark "Rachel", before Matt LeBlanc became chubby, before Matthew Perry struggled with various addictions. One of my goals for the holidays is to watch all 10 seasons of Friends with my husband, in the hope to make the Winter tv break more bearable and maybe to fully embrace the ghost of Christmas past and a certain nostalgia for the 90s.

Friends was made before TV shows became yet another platform to publicise the work of designers. It is more representative of the "real" style of the 90s and less "fantasy of the costume department". These days, apart from shows like CSI where fashion is completely irrelevant, product placement is just as obvious when it comes to clothing than when showing off a new tablet computer.

Watching Friends now, when the 90s revival is on everyone's lips is very inspiring because of the authenticity of the characters' style. Of course I could just look at photos of my teen self in 1994 and reproduce my own style back then, but it wouldn't be the same. I was a teenager, and I don't want to dress like a teen from the 90s at 32. However, I don't mind taking a page or two out of twenty-something Rachel, Monica or Phoebe's book... and while I don't want my closet to look like a time-machine, watching the show reminded me of some good stuff from the 90s. Good sartorial ideas I couldn't understand back then because I was too young. 

As we were watching episode after episode of the first season, I kept thinking about ways to incorporate Monica, Phoebe and Rachel's style in my wardrobe, in a grown-up way... so on Polyvore I went!





24 Dec 2010

Monsieur Robot presents - Merry Christmas!

As you may already know I'm crazy about Christmas and have been preparing for ages. I've got all the food I need, all the booze too. Gifts are bought and wrapped, the tree is decorated as well so it's just a waiting game now until I can open all my gifts! But wait.... I have forgotten something, what am I going to wear? A lot of money gets spent on clothes at Christmas. Socks sales alone must be enough to cure the economic climate but while people spend money on outfits for work parties and Christmas dinner parties few people plan an outfit for the big day.

Christmas jumpers have gone right past ‘naff’ and somehow ended up at ‘cool’. Intentionally ugly knitwear is one of my favourite trends of recent years so I’m thrilled that I can work it into Christmas. Plenty of high street shops have reindeer and snowflake jumpers and sweatshirts which are perfect for the season...wear yours with pride. Christmas is too kitsch to not be ironic...that doesn't mean you can use tinsel as an accessory though. Much of the autumn/winter trends for men are perfectly festive. From Fair Isle knits to tartan shirts there should be something in every mans wardrobe which translates without leaving you looking like a disgruntled Santa's grotto worker. 

If you have Christmas at home then you might not feel the need to get dressed at all. I spend a good portion of the day in my pajamas but you're going to someone else's house for Christmas you should definitely make an effort, or at least get dressed. People love taking photographs at Christmas, which is something I always forget. Don't get caught off guard, you don't want cold hard photographic evidence of any misgivings. Too much mulled wine makes your cheeks and nose go red so get the photos done before then unless you genuinely want to look like Rudolph. I speak from experience here, breaking into people's houses in the middle of the night and deleting pictures off their camera is no way to spend New Years Eve.

My biggest worries are the paper hats that come in Christmas crackers. I struggle with hats at the best of times so hats made entirely out of paper are pretty low on the list of things I want to wear. They're also either far too big or too small to fit on my unusually large head. This year though I have a plan. I'm going to sellotape a couple together √† la Lady Gaga and pray that everyone’s too drunk to ask what I'm wearing. That’s how I get through most situations anyway.

Merry Christmas everyone x

23 Dec 2010

Christmas giveaway - MCM bag and Luxe City Guides

Christmas is comin', and I couldn't let you spend the holidays without a little gift from me. Last year I had my Awesome Possum Christmas Extravaganza and it was hard to find a prize that would be as awesome, but I did...

This year, there will be only one winner, but they will win BIG: the Alda tote by MCM (retails for over £400) and a special edition boxset of Luxe City Guides (Paris, Milan, Venice, Rome and Florence). MCM is all about travel and global nomadism, so it was only fitting to offer you travel guides that will fit in your bag wherever you go.

This giveaway is open to everyone worldwide, although you may have to participate in the shipping costs if you live outside of the UK.

To enter, it couldn't be easier:

- leave a comment below telling me which of the five cities above you'd like to visit and what you'd wear with that bag to visit said city (NOTE: I will only approve entries that follow these instructions - don't just say "I wanna go to xxx to see the sights".)
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Easy, right? You have till January 9th at midnight to participate. GOOD LUCK!

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22 Dec 2010

Mini Robot - Tsumori Chisato x Petit Bateau

Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato collaborated with French brand Petit Bateau on a 13 pieces capsule collection for the whole family available only in December from Petit Bateau stores. 

The classic marini√®re stripe becomes whimsical with ribbon like lines adorned with bows or stars. There are also beautiful night prints and tiny skulls on bags, bibs or tee-shirts. 

About this collection, Mini Robot (age 3) says: "They are Christmas tee-shirts, that's cool. I would just wear it. That's very workable for you."



Photos courtesy of FlaxPR - sorry about the quality...

Tsumori Chisato x Petit Bateau is available from Petit Bateau stores till the end of the month.

21 Dec 2010

Birthday fun

Loulou & Me
Sarm & Justin
Alfred & D
Loulou & Warren
Loulou & Me
D, Billy & Loulou

20 Dec 2010

Winter warmers

These days I don't venture out of my uniform too much, but as the weather was a teeny bit milder for about half a day last week, I thought I'd try and wear a dress. I still had to pile on the knits, but it was nice to wear something a little different from the jeans-shirt-round neck jumper combo I have been living in for the past few weeks.  





I am wearing dress from Modcloth, snood c/o ASOS, jumper from Topshop and Jennifer Loiselle brooch.
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