30 Nov 2010

Little Fille

The life of a blogger is filled with interesting encounters - some I could live without, and some I am very grateful for. I receive a lot of emails and press releases telling me about lots of different products that I mostly don't care for that much (and I know you don't either). These emails go straight to the bin. I also receive some emails late at night, when I am about to go to sleep, from small designers trying to get their name out there. They have worked all day making beautiful things with their own hands, they don't have a PR agency churning out press releases on their behalf, so they have to wait till late at night to reach out to the bloggers and to the press.

I like these emails. It makes me happy to know that some people have a drive and dedication that can move mountains... and when their creations are super cute, it helps, of course.

Mari Santos, creator of Little Fille contacted me last night asking if she could send me one of her headbands, thinking it would suit me "and my fringe". Generally, when someone says something will suit me or is relevant to my site, I laugh and shut the computer. But something about the brand name and the way she had written the email made me look at her site. 

I liked the look of her stuff so much that I wanted to feature her designs asap. I will still wear the headband she is sending me (Alice, if you must know everything) and I will photograph it and post it here, but by the time I've done all that, it'll be 2025. So I thought I'd show you my latest "discovery" before I even start wearing it. I put quotation marks around "discovery" because I feel Mari discovered me more than I discovered her - lazy blogger! bad blogger!

I think Little Fille's headgear would make perfect Christmas presents for your sister/bff/mother/yourself, don't you? It isn't even expensive - the prices range between £20-£35. Not bad, eh?


29 Nov 2010

Mademoiselle Robot is 3

This blog is 3. Well... Really this blog has been 3 for a month, but I keep forgetting to post about it. It's been 3 fun years, and hopefully there will be many more to come. I know some of you have been following me from the very beginning, you've seen many changes, a bazillion different headers and layouts as I was walking in the dark, trying to find my way... For those of you who just found me, consider yourselves lucky, you didn't have to put up with too many changes!

Anyway, thank you everyone for reading me everyday, thank you for commenting and thank you for the lovely emails you send me - I am one lucky cat.

Here is what I was up to a year ago... Pacman! And the year before that - Six Feet Under and the very first year - Christmas. How things have changed...


25 Nov 2010

Monsieur Robot presents - Bags

I learned everything I know about fashion from my Mother. While other boys might have been out fishing with their Dad or playing football with their friends, me and my Mum were shopping for clothes and watching Dynasty. I knew more about mink, turbans and drinking champagne in a bubble bath than anyone else at school and to be honest I think that information has done me a lot more good than knowing what the offside rule means. 

As kids me and my sister used to have a running joke about my Mother's collection of handbags. She is to handbags what Imelda Marcos was to shoes. It's no joke, she had wardrobes full of them, stacked from floor to ceiling. In fact she has more wardrobes than most people have fingers but then you'd be lying if you said you didn't want the same thing right?  And while I might have occasionally said "Do you really need another handbag?" I understand now that that was a stupid thing to say. I don't know much about genetics or biology but I do know that me and my sister inherited this magnificent trait from my Mother - so let's talk about bags. 

Bags are functional. They have a job to do. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't look good...like all good accessories they can make or break an outfit. Ever seen someone in a nice sharp suit on the tube with expensive shoes who's carrying a 'Fitness First' rucksack? A cheap bag will completely undo your entire look. Eastpak do some amazing designer collaborations and make great rucksacks with people like Eley Kishimoto, Raf Simons and Christopher Shannon. As a bag the rucksack has its benefits, it's easy on your back, but you have to make it easy on your eye as well.

Monsieur Robot
Cardigan - He by Mango from ASOSRucksack - Eley Kishimoto for Eastpack

Carrying around my MacBook can cause me no end of trouble. You spend hundreds on the laptop but when it comes to a laptop bag people scrimp... It makes no sense. MacBooks are too beautiful to be put into a lurid day-glo neoprene case. You need to think outside the box. I use this Vivienne Westwood gym bag (stolen from my sister). My MacBook fits inside it perfectly and it looks better than anything you can buy in the Apple store. 

Monsieur Robot
Gloves - ASOS, Bag - Westwood

Fashion is about details and bags are a big detail that you can't mess up. So no more boring bags in black and brown, and no more of same bag every day... Live a little, stand out a bit. As James St James once said So you have a hunchback…throw some glitter on it, honey, and go dancing" the same applies to bags, whatever you do, just make sure it's not boring, please.

Monsieur Robot
Satchel - Cambridge satchel Co., Sweatshirt - Reclaimed Vintage from ASOS

Words and photos by Warren Beckett

24 Nov 2010

Lots of news and lots of cats

In the spirit of regaining control on my website and keeping up the changes I have made in the past few weeks, I have left the Glam network and decided to go solo as far as advertising is concerned. I am not going ad free as the ads pay towards running the site, but I want to be the one selecting what goes in the sidebar. 

I would like to give priority to brands I like as well as independent designers or vintage sellers so if you are interested in advertising on Mademoiselle Robot, please get in touch! At the moment, I am mainly taking 300x250 ads that will go at the top of the page, under the Facebook button or 125x125 ones that will go in the smaller sidebar, lower down on the site.

Since I started giving you some news, you may also have noticed two new badges in the sidebar... One for MCM and one for Teen Vogue. In September I was hired by MCM to become the "voice" of their brand, or the editor of their blog if you prefer. I am writing about a lot of things on there that I don't necessarily write about here, so if you want to have a look, just click on the badge (or here).

As for Teen Vogue, they invited me to be a part of their Fashion Click blog as one of the 100 style bloggers on there. It is essentially a style blog with multiple subjects à la Lookbook.nu. I am really pleased to be featured on there and it has already made me discover a few new ladies with super styles. So if you are after a little bit of inspiration, go for it!


I am wearing a Uniqlo cardigan, the Space Cat tee I designed for Wiloh (in Grey Bamboo), ASOS skirt, Hansel from Basel tights, Dune shoes and Cat bag from eBay.

23 Nov 2010

Orla Kiely love

Considering how much I love Orla Kiely, I am a little surprised I haven't done more than the obligatory collection review during Fashion Week (see here and here). I also can't believe it took an email letting me know about a new store opening on the King's Road (207 Kings Road, London  SW3 5ED) for me to write about my love for everything Orla.

It all started with a print. I can't quite remember when I saw it, but it was shortly after moving to London. It was so deliciously mid-century and very modern at the same time. In the past few seasons, I have been really impressed by the clothes. To sum it up, I could easily wear the whole collection each season. 

I actually popped in the Monmouth street store yesterday just to have a little look and I came out with a Christmas wish list that looked like this: 

Orla list

It isn't just the clothes, the styling of the lookbook is always spot on and I could literally take stuff of the pages (everything) and put it on. I have also been seriously lusting after the furniture. There is an orange sofa in there that has my name all over it.

Orla Kiely
Orla Kiely
Orla Kiely
Orla Kiely

Photos courtesy of RelativeMO - Shaky doodles by me (obvz)


22 Nov 2010

Winter Wonderland

On Thursday last week, I was invited to the opening night of Winter Wonderland, the Christmas themed amusement park in Hyde Park. I took Loulou there on a birthday date and we had a go at a lot of the rides, ate giant sausages and chips, took stupid photos and generally had a good time.

Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland

I am wearing a coat from Primark (very old) with an added vintage collar, Tokyo jeans c/o MiH, Zara shoes and Miss Lonelyhearts bag.

Photos taken by Loulou.

19 Nov 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Lanvin x HM

Lanvin is landing in H&M from Monday worldwide (and from Saturday in the US). Just like with every other designer/high-street collaboration, I haven't been particularly excited upon hearing the announcement, because I admit it, I am a little blasé by now. I have seen Lagerfeld, I have seen Viktor & Rolf, I have seen Comme des Garçons. I own one piece from each of these collaborations, but I never queued up for it. It was always good fortune that put it in my way. 

With Lanvin, it is different. I own some Lanvin pieces and love them to death (the kind of death by moths that happens to clothes you don't dare to wear because they are so precious). So I love Lanvin, who doesn't? I love the idea of affordable Lanvin. Again, who doesn't? Three days away from the launch of the collection, I am now curious to see and try on some of the pieces. I would have liked to see more casual Lanvin though. Something to wear everyday rather than occasion wear. The dresses are all very cute, but let's face it, I don't go to the prom every night. Maybe I should?

Lanvin x HM
Lanvin x HM
Lanvin x HM
Photographs and video courtesy of H&M - Illustration by Alber Elbaz, photos from the NY show by Dan Lecca.


18 Nov 2010

Monsieur Robot - Anthony Price for Topman

I don't know about you, but I get bored very easily. Whether I’m flicking through TV channels or cycling through the songs on my iPod, I like change, it keeps things fresh. That's why I find men's fashion so frustrating sometimes. Walking around London it seems that the 'country gent' look is not going anywhere, and while I love my tweed jacket and do genuinely see the appeal in dressing like that, the look has been around for too long. Quilted jackets and flat caps are everywhere in fact this trend is so ubiquitous it transcends class and age to degrees that women’s fashion never does. Literally everyone is dressed the same.

So what am I meant to do on the mornings when I wake up and decide I don’t want to dress like a farmer? The simple answer - head to Topman. I’m a relatively recent Topman convert and to be honest they always have what I want. When I get asked about what I'm wearing and I respond with "Oh it's from Topman" people always look surprised. There's no need for this anymore, those in the know might snatch up the best Topman clothes quickly but elbowing people out of the way to get to that item you want is half the fun of shopping there. No other high street retailer comes close in terms of smart designer choices and affordable stylish clothes. 

So imagine my relief when I saw the new Antony Price collection. This one's not for farmers. Ever wake up and decide you want to dress like some bad-ass science fiction movie villain? Well I do. Frequently. And Antony Price must do too. His new collection is stunning, I can imagine myself wearing every single piece. There’s a military theme, but not the tired army surplus or fraudulent high street take on military that you’re used to. Price’s jackets are sexy and futuristic, reinventing the idea of military in monochromatic wool and leather the whole collection is thoroughly modern. There is a beautiful quilted jacket (definitely not for the countryside), a pleated bomber jacket that’s so nice, I have to rewrite my Christmas list so I can put it at the top and a pea coat that's joyously different from the millions of pea coats out there with its dramatic cowl neck that’s both stylish, and in this weather practical. When do those two things ever come together to look this good?

Winter coats are so important, for months you wear it every day and it’s the only thing that most people see you in, so it has to look good. I for one want to stand out from the crowd in my winter coat and Antony Price's collection is perfect for that. Comfortable jersey trousers and cap sleeve t-shirts complete the look, restrained in design they allow for the more dramatic coats and military jackets to take centre stage. Beautiful. I hope Santa knows where Topman is because I'm writing him a letter right now.

Words by Warren Beckett - Photos courtesy of Topman

17 Nov 2010

Camel and polka dots

I didn't wear the silly glasses out - I just wanted to show them to you as I am thinking about having them made into prescription glasses but I am not sure... Maybe they are a little too silly.




Detail (with stupid glasses)

I am wearing a Sandro dress, Zara shoes, Uniqlo cardigan, bag c/o MCM (SS11 collection), Topshop belt and ASOS glasses.


16 Nov 2010

Big Deal

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start a band with your handsome guitar teacher? Me too. Especially after listening to Big Deal. 

They are like the 2010 reincarnation of Big Star and their lo-fi, poetic songs will take you somewhere way dreamier than wherever you are now.

Listen to Big Deal's Single.
"Like" Big Deal on Facebook

15 Nov 2010

Lauren Moffatt SS11

After the Californian honeymoon debacle in August, we managed to change our booking to go away to Florida in February. It is getting a little nearer and the three of us (yep - it is more of a familymoon this time) keep thinking about Mickey Mouse's house, alligators and walks on the beach. 

It is all great, but I haven't got a clue about what to pack to go somewhere sunny in the Winter. Does that mean I get to buy loads of Spring-Summer stuff way earlier than usual? Do I mix and match my Summer and Winter clothes? Do I get to wear sandals? With socks? With jeans? With dresses? 

Enter Lauren Moffatt. Lauren reads my mind. Lauren creates clothes I want to wear all the time. Lauren called her lookbook "The Honeymooner and what she packed". Clearly, Lauren has been stalking me. Right? Does this mean I owe it to myself to just buy the whole collection? Or is it excessive? Because I really want to. Why do I always have those massive obsessions with American designers? They are sometimes difficult to get hold of in the UK and they end up being overpriced her when they are pretty affordable in the US. 

Anyway, back to Lauren... I feel like I should write her a love letter, compliment her on the super cute styling of the lookbook, thank her for reading my mind and putting together a collection that could travel directly from her workshop into my closet. I know I am not the only one, I have an email from my bff right now in my inbox saying the same. 

That makes me think I should really just go to New York for Fashion Week this season instead of dragging my heels in London.

Lauren Moffatt

Lauren Moffatt

Lauren Moffatt
Images courtesy of Lauren Moffatt

12 Nov 2010

Autumnal pursuits

Drinking giant cups of tea, permanent knitwear, lights on at 4, impromptu dance parties for one, walks into town with Loulou, social networking cleanse, massages, good music and good books.





I am wearing a Neal cardigan, jeans c/o UO, tee-shirt and shoes from Zara.

M. Missoni AW10

All I can think about at the moment is keeping warm - especially when I hear gale force winds outside my window all night. I have never really been one to fear the cold, but I guess with "age" I am not so impervious to it anymore... which means I have to think about practicality and cuteness at the same time. I often have to think about this when I help my styling clients pick their Winter wardrobe but so far I had never really thought about it for myself. 

The M. Missoni Autumn-Winter collection is knitwear layering heaven - socks over tights, jumpers over jumpers over dresses, the works. And while I can't layer up too much because I am not a super waif, I can still indulge a few layers without looking like the Michelin man. It takes a lot of practice and I am totally in awe of the styling of these images from the collection. 



10 Nov 2010

Monsieur Robot presents - Made for walking

Ever feel like Nancy Sinatra is threatening you? Well, I think we can all understand what she means. Wearing boots often makes me feel empowered and a little bit more kick-ass than I usually feel. I don’t tend to threaten people when I wear mine, but maybe I just haven’t got the right pair of boots. Yet.

We can’t really deny that it's winter now, but while you’re complaining about how cold it is there is something to be excited about - it's boots weather!  As soon as the cold snap hit, I was down on my knees rummaging around the back of my wardrobe to find my favourite boots. I’ve owned my Vivienne Westwood pirate boots for a long time now, they’re a truly wonderful thing.  They’re difficult to wear I’ll admit (post Pirates of the Caribbean I assume from far away I look like I’m going to a fancy dress party) and they garner plenty of attention when you wear them, both good and bad. But the only thing worse than having your clothes talked about, is not having your clothes talked about. Plus they make a really satisfying jingle jangle noise when you walk.

I’ve always loved boots, ever since I was a child. From purple Kickers boots to biker boots and even an unhealthy preference for hi-tops. Boots are cooler than shoes - it’s a fact. Where women can slip on some heels and it adds a wiggle to their walk and changes their silhouette, a man in boots walks with a swagger and stands with confidence. It’s a noticeable change even if the boots are hiding under your jeans.

My most recent obsession are a pair of Margiela boots. Available from oki-ni they’re kinda pricey at £560. While technically I could afford them (If I stop eating for a month) it’s still quite a lot to spend. I’m not sure I can justify that… But, if I was to wear them every day for a year that would break down to £1.53 a day! For two years its only 77p a day! I spend more than that on coffee in Starbucks…. They’re practically free! But, I would never wear the same boots every day for a week never mind two years. Margiela’s boots are based on a vintage pair of riding boots that he found in the South of France. I’ve never had such luck with vintage boots. Most stores stock equal measures of Doctor Martens, cowboy boots and Frye boots, none of which I’m particularly interested in. But I’m inspired by Margiela and shall continue to comb the vintage stores in search of the perfect pair of boots.

My other half has more luck with vintage stuff. He has some black leather riding boots in which he looks particularly fine. Highly polished and relatively plain they’re both a stand out statement and sophisticated in their simplicity. It’s only on close inspection that you notice the boot, with skinny black jeans from a distance they’re hard to spot. The trick to a great outfit is to have layers of detail that demand closer inspection and these boots are perfect for that. Luckily for him we have different sized feet.

The best thing is winter has only just begun so I have plenty of time to wear all my boots. Pointy goth ankle boots, gold studded hi-tops, brown leather brogue boots…even converse look better as boots. So stop moaning about the cold, roll up your jeans, cue up Nancy Sinatra on your iPods and let's go walking. 

Words and photos by Warren Beckett
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