31 Aug 2010

Gainsbourg, vie heroique

I grew up with Serge Gainsbourg - not literally, of course or I would probably be sitting at a Parisian café right now, wearing a trench coat and looking sullen. But when I was a little girl, somewhere in the background, Lucien Ginsberg was crooning. Sometimes he was even crooning my name. You wouldn't believe how many boys have subsequently sung that song to me in an attempt to be romantic and original. I always received these attempts with a smug little smile and the knowledge that it would happen again and again and again... 



I went to see "Gainsbourg, Vie Héroïque" at the beginning of August, and found myself enchanted by it. Despite growing up with Gainsbourg, despite knowing a fair few details of his life, I realised I didn't actually know that much. I never thought about his childhood, which was the one of a little Jewish boy growing up in Paris during WW2. It is strangely close to the story of my dad's family - and of many others I am sure.


But while watching the film, one can't get too hung up on the details as it is essentially a fairy tale about Gainsbourg's life, as fantasised by Joann Sfar (one of my favourites comic book author/illustrator). Jane Birkin disapproved of the film partly because of its inaccuracy and many people were put off the film because of that. But try and disassociate it from reality for a second and it is objectively a very good film with a brilliant cast, beautiful photography and an interesting story.


Eric Elmosino is incredible as Gainsbourg, not only because of the eerie resemblance, but because he managed to reproduce all the mimics and attitudes so perfectly. Same goes for Laetitia Casta as Brigitte Bardot -an obvious choice - and for Lucy Gordon (RIP) as Jane Birkin. I also appreciated Anna Mouglalis performance as seductress Juliette Gréco.


30 Aug 2010

Wish List - Urban Outfitters AW10

For some strange reason, I was really late jumping on the Urban Outfitters bandwagon. I have been here for over 6 years now, but I have only started shopping at UO "properly" a couple of years ago. Before that, I am not too sure why, but it just wasn't a part of my shopping landscape. 

I missed the AW press day and only just got my hands on the lookbook for this season. The styles are simple and the photography is really pretty. I like that they made an effort and used film for some of the pictures as well.


Current in-store favourites - with ShopStyle (you can click on each item)


27 Aug 2010

Miu Miu and Madonna

When some of my favourite Ms collide... Madonna films the AW10 Miu Miu campaign.


My Autumn Style Plan

Autumn is looming and regardless of the calendar telling me Summer is here for another few weeks, I am definitely reaching for the chunky knitwear rather than the skimpy shorts when I get dressed in the morning. 

This year, I have tried to define a style line for myself that will take me from Summer to Winter without too much effort. I added some new pieces to my closet, which was a particularly easy task because this season is "mine". It happens sometimes, all the fashion planets align properly to produce trends that sit perfectly with your own tastes.

Chiffon, velvet, soft wool, suede and leather pieces came out of hibernation. New and old friends have come to play.

Maxi Midi Mini
from top clockwise - asos, primark, sparkle & fade c/o Urban Outfitters, tba, office, boots  and sandals Urban Outfitters

Camel & Black
from left - topshop, zara, new look, urban outfitters, dolce vita, vintage

Last week, I asked you on Facebook and Twitter what was your style statement for this Fall and here are some of my favourite answers:

"I'm going with the "sexy granny" look: oxford booties, skinny jeans, chunky sweaters, blazers, red lips, artfully disheveled hair." Christina

"Anything to do with animals and animal print. Animal shaped hats, faux leopard coat and animal shapes on jumpers!" Hannah

"Beige and lilac, socks, long hair, dreaming of england, drinking through straws." Tsouni

"I'm thinking Charlie (the girl!) from top gun; aviator-style jackets, white t's & messy hair. I think I'll leave out tom cruise!" FraggleRocks
"Mine is "little girl lost in a dark woodland fairy tale" PrincessPoochie
What's your style plan for Fall? 


26 Aug 2010

Wish List - Filippa K

I received these images from the Filippa K AW10 collection a few days ago and I was immediately seduced by the aesthetic. I am quite partial to Swedish designers, but this collection seems to encompass everything I want and everything I feel my autumn should be like. 

This is a collection based on contrasts, masculine and feminine, hard and soft. Soft tailoring is omnipresent alongside metallics and tweeds.

More than the clothes themselves, the photographs and moving images supporting the collection are beautiful and poetic. They evoke the end of the Summer, cold days on the beach, Autumn in the Archipelago - I want in. 

Filippa K
Filippa K
Filippa K
Filippa K
Filippa K
Filippa K
Filippa K

All images courtesy of Filippa K, video filmed by Camilla Akrans and styled by Robert Rydberg

Oh My Blog!

In the spirit of celebrating ladies doing it for themselves and bloggers starting businesses, today I would like to talk to you about Cate Sevilla's new pet project: Oh My Blog Workshop. This is absolutely not a shameless plug, despite Cate being my boo. She is basically taking upon her sexy self to change the social media and blogging landscape in London (and soon the world, I hope) one workshop at a time.

Whether you want to learn how to produce better content, how to deal with demented stalkers or simply how to handle PR/Blogger relationships, look no further. No matter how good you think you are, there is always room for improvement and Oh My Blog is just the place to learn how to make the most of what you have.

According to Cate, the workshops aim to "make blogs better from the inside out (...) in order to turn London's blogging scene into an unstoppable force of creativity and innovation". All I can say is amen to that. 

Now that Oh My Blog is here, there is no excuse anymore for mouldy looking blogs with dubious content!

The first workshop "Stellar content and the Dark Side of blogging" will take place on September 23rd with guest mentor Natalie Lue. 

Tickets can be bought on the website and will set you back £15 including drinks & mingling. I may be lurking in the shadows, trying to pick up a trick or two about online stalking - I mean about fending off stalkers, OF COURSE.

25 Aug 2010

Quiksilver Women AW 10

A long time ago, in a borough not so far away, a grumpy French blogger met up with a stylish gang of American ladies. Up in the highest tower of the Zetter, Beth, Laurel and Marta worked their magic and turned that blogger's frown upside down.
Gremlin Face
ASOS Blouse

You may know Beth as the lady behind The Vintage Society - one of the very first fashion blogs I read. She now runs Beth Jones Style and is a Brand Ambassador for Quiksilver Women

Laurel Dailey is the photographer. I could talk about her for ages. First, because she had on the coolest DIY jersey maxi dress when I met her, and secondly because she is possibly the only photographer that ever got me to er well... smile and pose without feeling awkward. Have a look at her site, or at the photos she took for Beth, you won't be disappointed!

Quiksilver women
Quiksilver Dial 9 dress worn as a blouse, Beth's vintage hat & necklace, Insight denim shorts, Swedish Hasbeens clogs

Beth, Laurel and Marta (from Quiksilver Europe) had me there to show me the AW10 Quiksilver Women collection. I went mostly because I trusted Beth - in my head, if she was involved in the project, and I knew she had been for a while, it meant there was some pretty heavy fashion element involved. I didn't quite know what to expect, Quiksilver not being a brand I pay attention to. 

Quiksilver Women

I was very surprised to find a range of clothing that manages to be very stylish and versatile while still keeping its "sporty" vibe. Did I write "vibe"? I believe I did and I apologise for that. Don't mind me, I will just go and get a knife now. 

Quiksilver Women

I was also a bit worried of not being able to fit in the samples (UK8 to my UK12), but the sizing on some items is quite generous so I was able to try on a few things, and once I had picked my favourite, Laurel snapped away.

Some more items from the collection (in my size) are on their way to me as I write this so expect to see more on the blog very soon.

Quiksilver Women

All photos (c) Laurel Dailey.

24 Aug 2010

tba everyday

One of the best news of the season is that one of my favourite brands, tba has started trading online. Of course you can also get your hands on their pretty dresses and separates at Urban Outfitters and ASOS.
I have already featured a couple of tba dresses for Fall 2010 in my dresses round-up, but I wanted to show you some of my favourite pieces from the collection as well. 




tba is one of those very special independent brands that are constantly emulated by the high street. Their prices may be a little higher than an item "inspired by" tba you could find in a chain store, but I can tell you the quality is absolutely worth opening up your purse. I own a couple of pieces and the silk is as soft as butter, the cut perfect and they are very versatile.


I also really enjoy a label that stays away from trends while still injecting a little bit of newness and current style to their collection. If you decide to buy into Fall Winter trends, a good few items from the collection are "spot on" (Bobbi jacket, Willow dress, Flo coat...) and the rest is pure minimal whimsy. 

As for me... I could easily wear tba everyday!  
Good news: the first 100 of you who enter the code "ROBOT" at checkout will get an extra £10 off your purchase.

There are also about 50 VIP memberships (special discounts) left, so hurry up!


23 Aug 2010

Back to school

Well that was a strange Summer. I was mentally prepared to go on honeymoon in California and I ended up in the South of France, in my family house. We all had a lovely time in the end, and the honeymoon has been rescheduled for February, but the whole month was totally unexpected. 

We did have a few days sans child in London which was nice. We caught up on films, restaurants and museums!

We landed in London last night, in what seemed to be a different season and a different year. Now it is back to the grindstone for me. 

How did you like my guests? Despite not being in California, I really enjoyed their posts. 

I have a lot to tell you, new projects, a few changes on this site, Fashion Week etc, but for now, I will leave you with one of my "Summer in London" outfits and get cracking with my back to school to-do list (to give you an idea, it is about as long as the Yellow Pages).
Jacket - River Island, Dress and socks - ASOS, Shoes - Swedish Hasbeens, Sunglasses - Cheap Monday at Urban Outfitters, Bag - Miss Lonelyhearts 

What about you? What have you been doing this month? Has Mercury Retrograde messed up your plans as well?

20 Aug 2010

California Dreaming by Jaja Hargreaves aka July Stars

Jaja Hargreaves is the brains behind July Stars, the fashion blog with a truly intelligent and contemplative opinion on style and fashion. 


It’s the summer and as everyone knows that means friends and family making travel plans. I have just returned from three weeks in France and already I find myself invariably contemplating my holiday pictures during my “office” hours. I’ve only been back a week. Once I start looking I have to force myself to stop. Literally, I have to deliver an ultimatum. “Admire two or three snapshots and switch off iPhoto”. I’m supposed to be working not dreaming of the South of France, evening walks through the heavily scented pinewoods of the Calanques and the sunset over the Cap Canaille. 


While I slowly immerse myself back into London life it is Laetitia’s turn to enthusiastically leave reality behind and experience a Californian adventure. I have a romantic image of that state. A patchwork of vivid pictures: Bret Easton Ellis’s brutal neon lit LA filled with alienated characters lubricated by sex, drugs, money, murders, celebrity and the 80s culture. I also think of Robert Doisneau’s photos of Palm Springs, turquoise swimming-pools, golf courses, car parks, glamorous old ladies and palm trees. Another key aspect is of course the innovative and individual architecture from the thirties to the seventies. What I’ve learnt about California and LA in particular resembles the books and films I’ve watched. It may not always be accurate but it amplifies the mystery. West of Sunset by Dirk Bogarde, Sunset Boulevard with Gloria Swanson, Hugh Holland’s images of kids during the skateboarding revolution of 1976, this is my little guided tour of LA, a sort of modern myth.  

18 Aug 2010

California style by Rhiannon Leifheit aka Liebe Marlene

Rhiannon Leifheit aka Liebe Marlene is a Fashion Blogger & Vintage seller based in Atlanta. She has been one of my favourite bloggers for a long while and I am really pleased to have her write a guest post here for you!

Rhiannon - Photos by Drew

Silk blouse and shorts: thrift stores
Floral crown: made (badly) by me
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
Bag: vintage John Romain from Ebay

When Laetitia asked me to do a guest post for her while she was off on her California trip I jumped at the chance, but I think I was most excited because I was maybe going to be in California at the same time she was going, and if I had a top five list of bloggers I'd like to meet in person she'd definitely be on it.  I've been a big fan of her blog for a couple years now.  Her style is tops and inspirational.  If we met in person I'd probably pick her brain about London fashion and Paris fashion and what it's like to go to real-life fashion shows and big London blogger meet-ups.  But mostly I think we'd just talk and joke around (she seems like the joking sort), and then we'd probably gush over David Bowie and Jarvis Cocker, because they are wonderful.

Well, my California trip didn't work out.  At least not yet.  So while Laetitia's over on the west coast I'm going to do my best take on a Mademoiselle Robot-goes-to-California sort of outfit, complete with Swedish Hasbeens and a little floral crown I made that was probably inspired by Laetitia's LouLou Loves You flower headbands.  I think that what I love best about Laetitia's style is how she mixes menswear elements with pretty and romantic ones.  I'm especially in love with this outfit and jumped at the chance to ape it, only it's just too hot in Atlanta for trousers and jackets, and instead of looking girly-tough my outfit just looked girly.  Oh well.  I'm just going to pretend that I was going for a '20s Hollywood silent film sprite look.  Because really when I think of California and the places I want to visit it's all silent film stuff--I want to see the Silent Movie Theatre in LA and old '20s mansions in the Hollywood hills and maybe most of all Hearst Castle so I can see all the pools and scenes of a thousand Marion Davies wild parties.  There's a chance we might get to California later in the summer, but for now I think I'm just going to live vicariously through Laetitia's west coast travel posts.

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