31 May 2010

Fancy Pants on a Monday

Well well well... Guess who's back (and who doesn't know how to chill the fuck out for too long)? Yes, you guessed right in the back! It's me. What a loser. Bank Holiday Monday, 8 o'clock in the morning. I should be snoozing but I am blogging.

I have a good reason to do it though: I found the perfect swimsuit. Yes. Finally. After almost 2 years. I did find one last year (a real vintage one) but the size didn't look quite right for me, so now it is in the shop (pink, scalloped edges, deadstock never worn, GET IT).

From time to time, I casually browse the internet for "Retro Swimsuits" or "Swimsuits for DD+". Yeah, I know, such is the glamour of my everyday life. 

Anyway... On Saturday, I typed in my usual search terms, but this time they brought me to For Luna, a vintage inspired swimwear site aka Heaven on the Internet. I promptly ordered one of their Esther Williams swimsuits, as I had been perving on them on the Esther Williams site, but couldn't find them online in the U.K. ... till now.

Esther Williams

After a little investigation (you know the one you do prior to buying something online on a site you don't know), I found out that For Luna was launched in May 2009 - which explains why I didn't find it when I was obsessing about vintage inspired swimwear the first time around - and is the sister site to La Magia.

La Magia could be the subject of a post of its own, as it is one of my favourite sites for lingerie. The design is very simple, but it carries all of the brands I love: Ayten Gasson, Kiss Me Deadly,  Miss Lala Presents and of course What Katie Did.

Maybe some of you already knew about For Luna, but I thought I'd put it out there for those of you who, like me, missed it! I hope you are all having a great bank holiday weekend... And I would like to suggest  a group Sun Dance. If we all do it at the same time, surely the sun will come out, non?

28 May 2010


Guys, I am super busy. So busy I don't even have time to breathe sometimes. So I am not blogging everyday because I don't want to write half-arsed posts. 

When I am not blogging I miss it, and I miss talking to all of you, so I thought I should still post something while I run like a headless chicken... Here are a few snapshots I've taken while running errands, my scrapbook for the past few days.

I am so tired, when I wake up in the morning my eyes don't even want to open... I think if I push myself any harder, I will need to go to sleep camp.

I have about a thousand really fun/exciting/challenging/cool/amazing projects on the go at the same time and I can't wait to tell you more about them all, especially one that's particularly massive and could mean a big big change in my life. In the meantime, I am going to try to take the day off... which could prove tricky when the toddler is in the house (those of you with kids will understand).

Have a brilliant bank holiday, I plan on chilling the fuck out for 3 days.

25 May 2010

Mademoiselle Robot loves Roberta Furlanetto

I receive designers lookbooks everyday, but from time to time one of them will really catch my attention and make my mind wander into a different fashion world. Roberta Furlanetto's collection transported me in a magical world of beautifully crafted pieces and interesting geometric textures worn by modern princesses. I thought I'd have a little chat with Roberta to find out more about her designs.

Roberta Furlanetto
Photo courtesy of Roberta Furlanetto

What's your inspiration?

It changes from season to season but I am energized by nature, beautiful fabrics, life experiences, art in general and the talented team that works with me.

Collection statement for AW10?

“Exclusive, crafted, cultured”

Favorite outfit?

I love all of the looks in my lookbook but my favorite is the jersey dress with honeycomb embroidery, organza volant skirt, coat with honeycomb embroidery and flat shoes with embroidery.

Roberta Furlanetto

Top 5 designers?

Favourite city?

Paris, as I lived there for many years and I have wonderful memories of this beautiful fashion forward city.

Roberta Furlanetto

What were you like as a little girl? 

A real handful!
At the tender age of three I became smitten with fashion, often borrowing my older sister's clothes without her permission.
I progressed from making clothes for my dolls to making some for myself and friends who admired my individual style.
I was always an artistic, restless inquisitive little girl creating problems for my teachers and parents. I became bored easily and needed to be constantly challenged.

There is an interview with me today on Searching for Style.


24 May 2010

Experimenting with different lengths

The sunshine is finally here! The heat is finally here! I hope it stays... 

What I want to see go away is the army of sleazy perves that seems to have taken over the streets since the sun came out. Last week I got followed twice on the tube platform by some random dudes, possibly because I was showing a bit of leg encased in some heels. 

That made me consider the maxi dress option even more... Perfect timing, the lovely ladies over at Kisami sent me this wonderful Tofu number which means I was able to stay cool and fend off spermy men at the same time. 


Don't get me wrong, a maxi dress is by no means totally reliable protection against what I like to refer to as "the sex stare". I would be tempted to say that the best protection against this type of behaviour is a sharp stick... And I will let you figure out what I would use it for - answers on a postcard.

Dress - Tofu courtesy of Kisami
Hat - New Look
(hmm there really isn't much in a Summer outfit, is there?)


21 May 2010

A somewhat nautical theme

Yesterday I was filming for the Fashshot Studio again, but this time the theme was "Nautical"... I must admit dressing the part was easy for this one, I actually had a few outfits lined up, including one that was way more nautical than this. In the end, I decided to be a bit more subtle about my love for the sea and opted for the usual nautical colours and a sailor collar (and a comedy anchor brooch, but it was for the purpose of the show).


I am pleased I can finally wear this little vintage jacket I got from Pansy Lane Vintage a few months ago. It is part of a two-piece set that also includes a dress in the same fabric and it is lovely.

Jacket - Vintage 
Blouse - Vintage 
Skirt - Marc Jacobs

What do you think of the nautical trend? Summer staple? Or are you just sick of it? How do you wear it?

ps - if you can be bothered to see even more photos of me, have a look at the beautiful portraits Caroline Briggs did on my Facebook Page (and if you are not a Fan already, become one as there is quite a lot going on there... and I am planning on having more fans than the pickle - you know the one).

20 May 2010

Inspiration - I Can Fly

I can't remember how long this post idea has been sitting in my drafts folder, but Mary Blair's illustrations, and particularly the ones in Ruth Krauss' 'I Can Fly' are a massive source of inspiration for me. It is no secret I love animals, and the idea of dressing to match all sorts of animals just blows my mind.

So I snuck into my daughter's room, borrowed her book and scanned it for the purpose of this little show and tell...

A bird can fly. So can I.

I Can Fly

A cow can moo. I can too.

I Can Fly

Pick pick pick. I'm a little chick.

I Can Fly

I'm anything that's anything. That's MY way.

I Can Fly

A lot of other children's books influence the way I dress every day, even if it is in very subtle ways. 
Do you sometimes find yourself taking inspiration from the most unlikely places?


19 May 2010

A good find and the international shoe ring

Yesterday I was busy filming the Vintage episode of the Fashshot Studio for LivTV. Our very special guest was my friend Naomi of Vintage Secret who came to chat to me about vintage accesorising. Naomi has the magic touch, she can make anything and anyone look like a vintage goddess, without going overboard... Believe me, it is a pretty good skill to have!

After our work was done, we headed to Paper Dress for a sneaky cup of tea and we obviously had to look around at all the gorgeousness on offer. Still obsessed by maxi dresses, I inspected every single one of them, trying to get to grips with my ideal dream dress vision. Do I sound like some crazy vintage dress oracle now?

After this quick stint with Naomi, I had a taste for vintage, so I decided to go have a look in my favourite charity shop on my way home. I haven't found anything in charity shops for ages, but yesterday, I found a new friend: a chocolate brown silk vintage M&S blouse. Funnily enough, it was just what I needed to be able to wear my pink ASOS shorts.

Shorts - ASOS
Shirt - Thrifted
Shoes - Madewell
Belt - Dorothy Perkins

Weather permitting, this is what I am wearing today... What about the international shoe ring, you ask? Well... The lovely Rhiannon was able to send me the shoes I was lusting after from Madewell (the ones used in the Alexa Chung collection presentation). It is their first outing as for some strange reason I can't wear them with socks but they work fine bare foot.


Shirt - Thrifted
Bangle - Dorothy Perkins
Glasses - courtesy of Black Eyewear


18 May 2010

Mademoiselle Robot loves Diane Birch

Diane Birch

A couple of weeks ago I went to see Diane Birch play in London, so I could ask her a few quick questions about her style and her story. Diane is only in her mid-twenties and has just released her first album: Bible Belt. She 

was discovered by a London manager as she was still posting her songs on Myspace. 

At first, I was mostly interested in her style. During the concert, I was particularly taken by her soul cover of 90s dance classic "What is Love?".  

What were you like as a little girl?

Very sweet, unspoiled, loving and always entertaining the adults with accents and impressions. 

Diane Birch

What's your background?

I was born in Michigan, US but a few months later moved to Zimbabwe, then to South Africa and finally on to Australia before settling in Portland, Oregon when I was 10. 

What's your inspiration?

It changes all the time but I derive much of my inspiration from dreams as well as the range of human emotion.  I'm also very visual and am inspired by the juxtapositioning of grandiose surreal imagery and the simplicity and brashness of reality. 

Diane Birch
Favourite outfit?

Wide brimmed black hat, long black dress, Doc Martens, Schott Perfecto Biker Jacket.

Top 5 designers


In the video below watch Diane talk about her style...

Top 5 bands

The Beach Boys
Hall & Oates 

Favourite city

New York (right behind it are Paris and Tokyo)

What Diane is wearing...

Diane Birch

T-shirt- Raquel Allegra
Jeans- Domino
Hat- Torso vintages

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